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  • Accessories That Could Be Modern Art

    The modern period in artistic terms roughly spans the 1860s to 1960s and its origins can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution. Prior to this time, artists were often commissioned to create classic biblical or mythological paintings, but with this seismic cultural, economic and societal shift, people had greater access to new ideas and ways of thinking. Artists began to create art for themselves, drawing on their own life experiences and topics that were of interest to them.

    From fauvism to cubism, the modern period incorporates a multitude of styles, but there are certain philosophies and beliefs that help to characterise it; experimenting with form and colour, depicting people or landscapes in abstract ways, the representation of utopian ideas over traditional ones and a focus on the importance of materials all tend to be features of modern art.

    Bold and thought-provoking, it’s no wonder that the works of modern artists are so coveted. If you love the styles but scouting out a sought-after Picasso or Matisse is a step too far, we have plenty of prints, pictures and artful decor that embrace the era.


    Miakoda Wall Hanging



    Wall Hangings

    With their grand size, minimal colour palette and eye-catching watercolour technique, these abstract wall hangings nod to the intangible nature of modernism. Complete with hand-carved detailing which adds depth and texture, they’re perfect for making an artistic statement at home.


    Sanuye Wall Hanging
    Miakoda Wall Hanging
    Tiveden Wall Hanging



    Prints & Pictures

    Pop art emerged in England in the 1950s, inspired by literature, film, advertising and daily occurrences. Artists sought to blur the boundaries between “high” and “low” culture by creating easily digestible, stylized, commonplace images, often using bold colours and techniques such as colour blocking and black outlines. Our pop art-inspired terrier portrait is the perfect choice for animal lovers, whilst our framed collages subtly incorporate the style with their bold motifs and mixed materials.


    Skull Print
    Terier Print
    Jack Of Hearts Print



    Sculptural Pieces

    Developed in tandem with cubist painting, modern sculpture began to take off in the early 20th Century. Artists diversified from traditional clay and mould methods by taking a variety of objects, surfaces and materials and combining these into one cohesive piece. Bending, welding, stitching and even balancing parts of the sculpture was commonplace, as was using scrap objects. Like other modern artwork, the sculptures tended to be striking and ambiguous; with their thought-provoking structures, these decorative pieces fit the bill perfectly.


    Virvel Stand
    Casaccia Hanging Men
    Vini Stand


    If you’re looking for even more statement pieces, our collection of modern heirlooms is sure to catch the eye.