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  • A Bank Holiday Breakfast

    It seems like we wait ages for a Bank Holiday, then two come along at once! And whilst we have every intention to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, we’re also planning on catching up on our sleep with a much needed lie-in (or four). The long weekend is an excellent opportunity to partake in a lazy breakfast, and if you’re feeling particularly indulgent, why not choose to have breakfast in bed; it makes a relaxing change from the rushed morning breakfast routine during the week. We’ve rounded up a few of our breakfast essentials that we believe should grace your table this weekend.



    Start the morning the traditional British way, with a nice cup of tea. If, during the week, you tend to opt for a teabag in a mug, ensure you take time at the weekend to conduct the proper tea-making ritual, complete with teapot, milk jug, cup and saucer. You’ll definitely notice (and appreciate) the difference.



    If you’re planning on breakfast in bed then a tray is an absolute must; no-one wants to find crumbs in between the sheets. A generously sized tray with deep edges such as this will provide enough room for breakfast essentials, and the inset handles make it remarkably easy to carry. And should you fancy taking breakfast out in the garden, a jam carry is useful for holding a selection of preserves and other condiments.


    Whether you’re serving up a full English with all the trimmings, satisfying your sweet tooth with a stack of pancakes or keeping it continental with pastries, make the effort to set the breakfast table properly. It’s good to have a variety of different sized plates available; these ones come in Small, Medium and Large (and there’s also matching bowl) and their pretty hand-finished rippled edges will bring elegance to your dining table.



    If you’re lucky enough to have your own chickens at the bottom of your garden, then surely there’s no better breakfast than a fresh boiled egg? All that’s needed is a simple white egg cup (like the one from our Sorano range), a side plate for soldiers and a glass of orange juice.



    For formal dining, we’d always opt for crisp white napkins but when it comes to breakfast, the only way to start the day is with a cheerful, colourful napkin. It’s sure to put a smile on your face for the day ahead.