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  • Our Chocolate Collection with Cocoa Runners

    Chocolate is experiencing something of a revolution at the moment. Just like coffee and wine before it, a number of small, independent makers from around the globe are working directly with growers to create decadently delicious chocolate. They manage every stage of the process to ensure only the highest quality product made from the best beans reaches the market.

    So who exactly are Cocoa Runners? For a start, they are very passionate about real chocolate, choosing only to showcase the very best chocolate for their collection from a pool of thousands (we would argue that they might have the best job in the world). After sampling and selecting each unique bar, they put together detailed tasting notes, encouraging you to think about all your senses when eating the chocolate – the ‘snap’ sound it makes when breaking, the different aromas you can smell, how shiny it looks and of course, the texture and flavour – for an altogether very different chocolate tasting experience.





    We’ve collaborated with Cocoa Runners to create a special, hand-selected box which we think showcases a wide range of different manufacturing methods, beans, countries and flavours. From the packaging designs to intense flavours of the chocolate itself, it is clear these bars have been crafted with passion by artisan chocolatiers, resulting in a high-quality product that ticks the boxes of both style and substance. After an afternoon spent tasting lots and lots of chocolate (it was really hard work, trust us), we narrowed down the selection to just five bars we loved. Our carefully considered collection features five different yet equally delicious chocolate bars which would make a great gift for the host of a dinner party or as an alternative Father's Day gift - or you could always keep them for yourself of course.






    TCHO - SeriousMilk Cacao 53%

    “A characteristic of the OKA style is to blend traditional and modern pieces for a balanced look, and the SeriousMilk chocolate by TCHO is the perfect mix of light and dark chocolate. Although dark in appearance, it has a soft, milky flavour that gently melts in the mouth, yet isn’t too sweet. A firm favourite of ours, and we loved the contemporary design of the packaging.”


    Taza - Cinnamon

    “Who knew chocolate could be so divisive? Some of us loved the crunchy, grainy, biscuit-like texture and spicy, warming cinnamon flavour that lingers on the palette, but others were less enamoured. Made with a millstone using traditional methods (no concheing), we could imagine nibbling on this whilst sat in a leather armchair by the fire, reading a good book as the snow falls outside.”

    Marou - Ten Giang 70%

    “This is a delight for all the senses. An immediate favourite with all of us – and that was before we even saw the stunning purple and gold art deco packaging (which is screen-printed by hand) – the flavour is quite intense with a slight bitterness that quickly moved to an array of smooth, deep and fruity notes. Definitely one to pair with a full-bodied red wine.”


    Dick Taylor - Madagascar Sambirano 72%

    “Previously boat makers, Dick Taylor are used to crafting everything by hand and this really shines through in the delicious chocolate they’ve created. The old-world decoration on the bar itself is beautifully ornate so it already feels luxurious, which is further reiterated when you hear the crisp snap of the chocolate and taste the punch of fruitiness. One to bring out at the end of a dinner party.”


    Pacari - Raw 70%

    “It’s surprising how vast the difference in taste is for chocolate made from raw cocoa beans. Pacari (the name means ‘natural’) miss out the roasting stage and use beans in their organic, raw form, which heightens the natural flavours – we uncovered notes of apples and grass – resulting in an earthy, distinctive, and above all, delicious bar of chocolate.”


    Not sure what chocolate you like? Take the Cocoa Runners taste test.


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