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  • Choosing Colours And Paint For Your Sitting Room

    When choosing a colour scheme for your sitting room you might like the idea of walls that are bold and deep in colour that make a real statement or, perhaps, you’d rather cool greys and whites to create an oasis from the outside world. We have designs with every colour palette, from beautiful indigo hues in a home in Lake Geneva to whitewashed wood paired with pastels in a Norfolk coastal beach house. Here, we discover how to choose the best colour for a sitting room and the paints with which to do it.


    Down By The Lake


    Start by looking at the orientation of your sitting room, whether it is north or south facing could determine the palette you use. For north-facing rooms, lighter shades will work to accentuate and reflect the limited light, whereas south-facing rooms can benefit from bolder colours. It’s also important to decide upon a focal point for the space. This might be a piece of art or existing furniture which could then guide the colour. In a modern space, you might opt for a sleek and polished look with cool neutrals or gentle whites with a touch of cream. Or you could bring in contemporary colours, fuchsia pinks, oranges and reds set against elements of white emphasise the contrast.


    Life's a Beach


    Whatever your colour preference, using a rich paint with natural ingredients is paramount to creating a beautiful, not to mention environmentally-friendly space. That’s why we are excited to announce that we will now be stocking 48 Edward Bulmer Natural Paints, hand-selected by OKA from a range of new and best-selling colours and collections. Created by leading interior designer and architectural historian, Edward Bulmer, these natural paints promise exceptional quality and unrivalled colour. The paint has been mixed using only natural ingredients, pigments and plant extracts from sustainable sources, ensuring there are no nasty chemicals polluting your home.

    “As a pioneer in natural paints and mindful interiors, working with brands who are equally ethically minded is very important to us. We are honoured to be teaming up with OKA who put design, quality and craftsmanship at the forefront of their offering.”
    Edward Bulmer Natural Paints


    Edward Bulmer


    Edward is an active eco campaigner and is passionate about making our living spaces healthier for us, our buildings and our environment. Working with specialist paint manufacturers, he has returned to non-toxic paint formulations, avoiding mainstream and premium plastic paints which are largely made of chemicals derived from refined crude oil.

    “There’s no other paint that provides such an excellent colour whilst being environmentally friendly.”
    Sue Jones, OKA Founder

    Painting the future with plastic-free paint will help you create a healthy and eco-friendly home without compromising on colour. These paints are available in sample sizes from our Chelsea, Knutsford and Guildford stores whilst both sample and full-size paint pots are available on our website.


    Edward Bulmer Paints


    “At Edward Bulmer Natural Paint we are painting the future with plastic free paint, which is beautiful, healthy and safe.”
    Edward Bulmer Natural Paints

    Why not read more about our partnership with Edward Bulmer Natural Paints or shop our paint selection.