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  • Q&A with Emmy London

    Tell us a little bit about you and your brand....
    Emmy London was established 10 years ago. Originally, we were exclusively selling bespoke bridal shoes, but over the years the collection has evolved and now offers both ready to wear and bespoke shoes, bags and hair decorations for bridal, evening and event dressing.


    What is a typical day like in your job?
    Pretty chaotic! My typical day starts early (I have twin girls aged 5) so after the school run (literally) is done, I focus on my work. Our studio is in Islington and we are a small, very dedicated team with specific roles, but we all pitch in together to reach our goals. We often have events to coordinate or a shoot to style so a daily brainstorming session is quite common, as I'm a stickler for brand values and maintaining a high level of presentation. Over a cup of tea, we run very relaxed one-to-one appointments with our clients, and I love the creative process of working directly with them to create the perfect accessory for their outfit and the event. As we work closely with several designers and boutiques, I often catch up with them over lunch to swap ideas and share experiences. Although my job is very creative, I have to focus on running a business too, so I always set aside time at the end of the day to review the nuts and bolts and make sure we are on track. Most evenings, I head home to do the whole bath, bed and story routine and finish the evening with a quiet dinner and cheeky glass of red with my husband, Dickie. He is finance director at Emmy London, so before long we are enthusing about our business and discussing our next move for success!


    What inspired you to start your own business?
    Initially, my love of beautiful shoes which was shortly followed by my ‘light bulb moment’ of identifying a gap in the market for very special wedding shoes. This occurred whilst I was in Spain, waiting for a tiny factory to make shoes for a fashion show I was working on at the time. In just twenty-four hours I wrote my entire business plan, worked out the logistics and the potential pitfalls, and said to myself, “If I still think this is a good idea by the time I land back in London, I'm just going to go for it.” I was still scribbling and sketching when the plane touched down, and the rest is history!


    What’s the inspiration behind your designs?
    I’m fascinated by architecture, such as the style of doors, windows and patterns of tiles. Insects play a big role in my intricate beaded details, and I also find inspiration in vintage jewellery, particularly for hair decorations.


    What’s your favourite shoe from your collection and why?
    I'm totally into Suzannah at the moment - the perfect balance of sexy and cheeky. I've just ordered a pair in a mint green ready for my trip to LA!


    Which is the most popular wedding shoe style at the moment?
    Francesca is very popular with all its beautiful art deco detailing, and it’s this particular style that’s really become recognisable as our brand.



    Do you think brides will always choose heels on their wedding day or is there a demand for ballet pumps or sandals for those who want flat shoes?
    I always encourage brides to stick to what they know and love when it comes to heel height. However, low heels doesn’t necessarily mean frumpy! We offer all of our styles on the lower heel height with our bespoke service, and we have a few very pretty lower styles in our bridal ready to wear collection.


    Are there any do’s and don’ts for brides to remember when choosing their wedding shoes?
    Just remember to be true to your own style.


    You offer a bespoke shoe design service – have you ever designed anything really extravagant and non-traditional for a bride’s big day?
    Ooooh yes! We've created some really beautiful statement pieces over the years; colour and detail always play a key role in creating such dramatic, memorable pieces.


    As well as shoes, you also design beautiful hair accessories, belts and bags – will you be expanding your range any further in the near future?
    We’ve just launched baby shoes, complete with a crystal buckle and our beloved crystal on the sole. I'd love to expand our bag collection, and really hone the skills I gained at Mulberry and Bottega. We launched a ‘Bag de Jour’ back in October, and I've been stopped on the tube by people admiring it. My dream is to create a luxury bespoke luggage line, then possibly a gift and jewellery line. I'm definitely not short of ideas!


    When will you release your next collection and what can we look forward to?
    The new collection will launch around October with a focus on colour and, as ever, our delicate detailing that always sets Emmy shoes apart.


    What’s the best thing about working with brides?
    It's a wonderful chapter in a woman’s life, and to be part of that is very fulfilling and positive. I love my job!


    Can you tell us what the big wedding trends for 2014 will be?
    Subtle sparkle, electric era references, art deco detailing and drape qualities to hair decorations.


    Spring, summer, autumn or winter wedding – which do you prefer and why?
    Any time of year, just anywhere special. We plumped for a winter wedding, and were lucky enough to get a crisp, bright day after a night of snow, so the sun made everywhere twinkle; it couldn't have been more perfect.


    What’s the best wedding you’ve ever been to and why?
    The most recent wedding we went to was in South of France. It was effortlessly decadent and beautifully styled, with champagne and the most gorgeous food flowing all through the night. We left feeling like we'd just been part of a Richard Curtis film.


    What would be your ideal honeymoon destination if money were no object?
    If I'm honest, a week down in the Gower in South Wales with good food, sunshine, a bit of peace and quiet, and my husband all to myself!


    You’re attending a wedding - what present from OKA would you give the happy couple?
    I love, love, LOVE the subtle shades of the velvet cushions; you can't go wrong if you give those as a wedding gift.


    Emmy Scarterfield is the talented designer behind leading London accessory label Emmy London. After her degree at the prestigious Cordwainers College, Emmy worked for five years in Italy for some of top names in accessories including Bottega Veneta and Giorgio Armani. Back in the UK, she set up her own luxury brand, spotting a gap in the market for beautiful, elegant bridal shoes.


    Our Boutique Bridal Event is from 6-8pm on Wednesday 5th March 2014 and is completely free. RSVP by emailing [email protected] to book your place.


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