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  • Q&A with Original Travel

    Tell us a little bit about the brand...
    At Original Travel we believe life is in the detail. We need to understand what you like before we can truly say what you’ll love. No two travellers and no two itineraries are ever identical. Each trip, as our name suggests, is truly original; whether it's the perfect honeymoon, a tailor-made holiday for you and your partner, a once-in-a-lifetime safari, or a stress-free family holiday.


    What is a typical day, week or year like in your job?
    Typical day - if only! Our busiest peak is from January to April, but we're busy pretty much all year round.



    What are the key things you need to consider when planning a honeymoon for someone?
    The most important thing is to listen closely to try and determine what would make it really special for the couple, even if they haven't overtly spelled it out. It's the most important holiday of many people’s lives and everyone has different ideas about what would make it perfect. The trick is to build up an accurate picture of the couple so that you can make the most relevant suggestions and sprinkle special touches throughout their honeymoon.


    The world is your oyster when it comes to honeymoon destinations - how do you possibly decide where to go?

    Exactly! We often work through lots of VERY differing ideas to create the best holiday. We only recommend places we know intimately ourselves, so our regional experts have the power of comparison and can help couples negotiate their way through all the endless options.


    What country is the most popular honeymoon destination?
    That’s tricky as it changes year on year, but in 2013, Sri Lanka and the Maldives were our top honeymoon destinations. They're a perfect mixture of culture, adventure, uber relaxation and second to none service.


    What kind of activities do people choose to do on their honeymoon?
    Most often couples are looking for something more spoiling than their average holiday, and somewhere they can completely relax and re-charge after the mayhem of wedding organising. Exploring a new and very different culture comes top of lots of lists, as does going on a safari; both of the latter with hefty smatterings of the former though!


    Is it still the tradition that the groom arranges the honeymoon and keeps it a secret from the bride?

    We still have a considerable number of nervous men approach us with the daunting task of arranging a secret honeymoon (I would never let my husband near it!) but it's becoming less the norm, with both parties playing an equal part nowadays.


    What's the most extravagant honeymoon you've organised?
    For one rather high profile honeymoon we had to arrange a two nautical mile exclusion zone for boats around an island to stop the paparazzi snapping our VIP clients. We will say no more.


    And the strangest request?
    Not so strange when you think about it, but one couple spent so much of their working/normal life on business trips that they wanted to travel all around Europe not setting foot in a plane. We arranged for them to take original transport all over Europe.


    Have you had any honeymoon disasters?
    There have certainly been a few last minute bookings! Let's call it a disaster avoided, but one groom phoned from the toilet at the wedding because there had been a misunderstanding about who was organising the honeymoon and he still hadn't planned anything! Luckily, we managed to sort it out.


    What's the best thing about working with newlyweds?
    They're so excited! We love planning a honeymoon because we're all as eager as each other to make it immaculate.


    Spring, summer, autumn or winter wedding - which do you prefer and why?
    I prefer a spring wedding, as the weather is fresh and crisp and you don't plan the whole event around sunshine (which invariably doesn't appear!). I also love flowers in the spring so it makes for a fresh 'look'.



    What's the best wedding you've ever been to?
    I could get in serious trouble now.... My brother got married to his wife from Pamplona as part of a few-day celebration in the San Fermin festival. Not only was it unique, but as there were celebrations over a few days, it was great to bond with all of their closest friends. He was my first sibling to get married so he set the bar pretty high!


    What would be your ideal honeymoon destination if money were no object?
    If I were to honeymoon again (with my gorgeous husband of course, I’m not planning another wedding!), I would love to go to Madagascar.


    You're attending a wedding - what present from OKA would you give the happy couple?
    The large capital storm lantern - only if they have it on their list of course. I think it's a beautiful piece of art as well as functional.


    Jules Herbert heads up the marketing team at Original Travel. Founded in 2003, Original Travel take a thoughtful approach to creating luxurious tailor-made holidays. Taking the time to understand what you want from your holiday allows them to provide the truly transformative details that turn time away into a memory that will last a lifetime, with an itinerary tailored around you. With a 24 hour helpline, you can relax in the knowledge that they’ve got everything covered and just enjoy being on holiday.


    Our Boutique Bridal Event is from 6-8pm on Wednesday 5th March 2014 and is completely free. RSVP by emailing [email protected] to book your place.



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