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  • Top 5 Storage Solutions

    Technically, it’s not spring yet, but there’s something about January that makes us want to get our home in order. Possibly it’s to do with the fact that our social calendar is looking quite empty this month so time spent at home forces us to focus on what needs to change, and for many of us, that means clearing away the clutter that we’ve accumulated over the past year. Always keen to help, we’ve selected our top five storage solutions.



    Best for: Homes with children and pets

    Our top five storage solutions wouldn’t be complete with at least one piece of rattan. Nearly fifteen years after it was first introduced, we’re constantly amazed at how endlessly useful our rattan storage boxes are. This is the largest from our range, and it’s narrow enough to fit under a console or behind a sofa, but roomy enough to store a multitude of ‘stuff’. Sturdy and robust, we promise it will serve you well for years housing toys, wellies and other bits and bobs.



    Best for: Showing off

    Sometimes you need a place for something but don’t want to hide it away. If your bookshelves are home to more than just books, perhaps it’s time to consider giving numerous trinkets you’ve collected a platform of their own? For storage that’s a bit out of the ordinary, we’d suggest this wonderful What-Not. Hugely popular in Victorian times, they feature a number of shelves perfectly sized for displaying china, glasses, ornaments or various other 'what-nots'. We also think ours would be perfect for a country style bathroom as somewhere to store towels and toiletries.



    Best for: Fans of multi-functional pieces

    Wherever there’s a small space, we’ll often come up with a clever way of incorporating storage somehow. Often the solution is a trunk; they work in a variety of different schemes, provide a valuable surface area on top, and of course, include generous storage within as well. If using said trunk in place of a side table, make sure you store items inside that will not need to be frequently accessed otherwise you may find yourself getting a little frustrated!



    Best for: Pieces of sentimental value

    There are some sentimental souls amongst us who can’t bear to part with even the most insignificant token related to a memory; an old art gallery ticket from a city break, a mixed cassette tape from a former flame (even though you no longer have a tape player), and photos of a childhood pet whose name you’ve forgotten. All of these can be gathered together and safely stored in this large (lockable) memory box, veneered with faux shagreen and inlaid with polished walnut, for you to peruse and reminisce at your leisure.


    Best for: Extra storage in a small space

    If your storage requirements extend beyond ornaments and toys, then this classic, French style cupboard is definitely worth considering. Perfect as a linen cupboard or larder, its narrow footprint means it will easily fit in a smaller home without taking up too much room. The four removable shelves (three in the top section and one below) and hanging rail means you can easily customise it to suit your storage requirements, whatever they may be.

    Arles Cupboard