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  • Summer Scents

    What smell reminds you of summer? Freshly cut grass perhaps? The salty sea air of the coast? Or how about a sizzling barbecue? Although these are wonderfully evocative smells that conjure up happy memories of summers gone by, we prefer our summer fragrances for the home to be a little more floral, fruity and fresh. Long-lasting yet not overpowering, our Scent For Living range features a variety of scents that invoke different summer gardens, from a traditional English country garden full of roses, to sun-drenched Mediterranean gardens bursting with lemon and orange trees. To help you sniff out your signature scent, we’ve given each fragrance a ‘personality’; all you need to do is find the phrase that best describes you (or your home) from the list below:



    Our Rose Garden fragrance goes hand-in-hand with lazy weekend lie-ins and fresh bed linen; there’s something comforting and relaxing about its timeless scent. Nostalgically feminine with full-bodied middle notes of summer roses in bloom, balanced by gentle top notes of fruit, spice and greenery, it’s the ideal companion for a bedroom or dressing room.




    The peace and tranquil atmosphere of an Eastern garden has been neatly bottled in our Oriental Garden fragrance. Spices, flowers and woods - aromatic Rosewood, Cardamom and Bergamot combined with Mimosa and Orange Blossom, intensified by earthy Patchouli and Vetiver – blend together harmoniously to create a beautiful scent that’s completely at one with nature. 




    Another one of our favourite summer scents is the fresh, dewy aura of a summer morning, which is perfectly encapsulated by our Summer Garden fragrance. Infused with Lime, Bergamot and young leaves, this joyful, dreamy, light scent features complementary floral notes of Lilies and Roses plus luxurious elements of black tea, thyme and spicy nutmeg.




    Juxtaposing fresh, citrus top notes of lime with a heart of lavender and a woody, mossy base, our Alhambra Garden fragrance reflects the cultural blend of the Alhambra Palace itself. The Spanish location is represented by the zesty, fruity citrus side and the Moorish influence of the palace design is invoked by the woody undertones.




    Sharp and refreshing, our Citrus Garden fragrance is bursting with sunlight. The intense tang of ripe Limes, Grapefruit and Orange greet you at first, then softer notes of leafy Petitgrain and fresh Lavender creep in, leading to a mysterious deep shade created by clean Patchouli and Orris. The freshness of this particular fragrance makes it perfect for a bathroom.


    All of our Scent for Living fragrances come in classically shaped bottles that will easily blend into any scheme, but if you want to introduce colour to your room, decant the fragrance (or refill) into one of our colourful glass diffuser bottles. Why not choose the colour that best matches the fragrance inside, such as Lime Green for Citrus, Hot Pink for Rose or Jade Green for Oriental?


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