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  • Things To Look Out For At The Chelsea Flower Show 2017

    The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has been hosting the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show for over 100 years. The OKA team will be attending and keeping a keen eye out for many inspirational and intriguing garden designs displayed at this year’s show, which are guaranteed to be extraordinary and engaging if previous years are anything to go by. With summer just around the corner, you might be thinking of ways to enhance your outdoor space, so here are a few thought-provoking ideas from this year’s gardens. Perhaps one of them will even inspire you to use our Chelsea Flower Show winning formula to create your own ultimate outdoor haven.


    Is your garden as good as green?




    While there are many cultural and social benefits of living in a city in the UK, they lack the big green spaces found and enjoyed in the countryside. That said, an area that strives to offer us so much deserves the same in return – it’s important to maintain and enhance the city we care for. The Greening Grey Britain Garden allows the gardener in you to embrace the beauty of greenery and the good it can do for your surroundings and the community. Gardens in urban areas have many positive benefits beyond the aesthetic: they provide habitat for local wildlife, improve the air quality, and even help to insulate buildings and reduce the chance of flooding.

    Why not start a healthy trend, incorporating stunning natural greenery into your outdoor scheme, which happens to benefit the microclimate one plant at a time? It’s a win-win. No matter how small your outdoor space is, even if it’s just a window box, get in touch with nature by filling your front and back garden with planters, shrubs and trees.


    What is Yorkshire doing in London?




    Tracey Foster follows a similar route, encouraging the presence of more greenery in the back garden by bringing the essence of Yorkshire to the city in the Welcome To Yorkshire Garden. Yorkshire is known for its inescapable greenery, definitive shorelines and historic buildings, which all leave a clear mark in this beautifully constructed outdoor space. The prominent natural look is achieved by including beautiful plants such as colourful wildflowers, grasses and native trees. Foster preserves the natural feel and authenticity of the garden by incorporating plants, flowers and herbs that grow on the coastline, a ruined abbey made from the same stone used to build Whitby Abbey in the 13th century, along with chalk cliffs and a real-life sea. This garden allows you to enjoy the natural aspects of Yorkshire down to every fine detail.


    How can you enjoy poetry in your garden?




    A stunning space for contemplation, relaxation and reflection created from a combination of modern and traditional materials, Fiona Cadwallader’s design for The Poetry Lover’s Garden gives life to the romantic poem ‘Lime Tree Bower My Prison’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. She has translated the elements of beauty from the poem into a nature haven with endless potential. The stainless-steel waterfall feature aids relaxation while the tall trees enclose the visitor both literally and metaphorically. If you’re lacking outdoor space, you can still create your own private sanctuary indoors in which to ponder life’s big questions using an array of artificial flowers and plants.


    What do music, geometry and gardening have in common?




    The Morgan Stanley Garden is a product of inspirations drawn from patterns found in nature, music, art and communities, creating a very inviting outdoor space. The integration of prominent fractal geometric shapes adds depth to three distinct sections – grassy woodland, a loggia and a terrace – that flow seamlessly from one to the other (just like a perfectly composed piece of music). Designer Chris Beardshaw goes above and beyond to challenge creative boundaries, aiming to collaborate with the National Youth Theatre to compose a piece intertwining classical music and the beauty of this design.


    Where can I get a taste of Mexico in London?




    Luis Barragan’s tropical Inland Homes: Beneath A Mexican Sky garden is visually adventurous. The space is bursting with colour and contrast: washed-out walls in shades of clementine, coral and cappuccino complementing the vibrant flower display, and a calming turquoise pool. This design is wild and daring, integrating Mediterranean and the country-cottage style of planting to create a stunning environment. A round day bed in the corner offers a secluded spot to bask in this tropical paradise, which can easily be recreated in your own garden with one of our beautifully crafted pieces of (weatherproof) outdoor furniture.


    Natural depth, imaginative structures and quirky touches all play a vital part in producing such picturesque gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show 2017. The beauty and functional aspects of many of the gardens will certainly give you a few tips on how to get the ball rolling when designing your own outdoor space. Find out what inspires you at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which takes place from 23 May to 27 May, between 8am and 8pm Tuesday to Friday, and 8am to 5.30pm on Saturday.


    Also, if you want an easy and fuss-free way to bring the garden indoors, check out our collection of beautiful faux flowers and plants.


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