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  • Time For A Spring Clean

    Now that it’s officially spring, and the clocks have gone forward, it’s time for the Directors to do a little bit of spring cleaning and get their house in order. Take a closer look and you’ll find Sue up a ladder cleaning the windows, Lucinda airing the linen and Annabel mopping the front porch. See if you can spot Beanie trying to join in the spring cleaning fun! Thanks to our artist in residence, Florrie, for drawing this fantastic picture.



    How do you know if your house needs a spring clean?

    If the colour palette in your home makes you want to hibernate, it’s time for a spring clean. When your scheme is autumnal and sumptuous but not very summery it can make a room feel out of place and not very liveable. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, it’s important to bring elements of your surroundings inside to make home feel, well, like home.



    Where should I store my winter furnishings?

    Have a look through our storage options to keep all of those wintery red and golden furnishings safe until next season. Our Faux Shagreen Trunk is perfect for warmer summer months. It provides extra storage space for all of your winter pieces and could also be used as a side or coffee table.



    How can I brighten up my rooms?

    The Indicum Cushion Collection, inspired by the colour indigo, is a bright ode to a blue sky and beautiful way of bringing vivid colour into any space. The colourful range is only enhanced by the variety of blue patterns, and every element in red is embroidered to add an extra layer of detail.



    What bedding should I use in the spring?

    As the nights become warmer, throws get thrown off and bedding needs to be light and airy. This is where our gorgeous Huguenot Embroidered Bed Linen comes in: made from 100% stonewashed linen, it is highly breathable. With a deliciously soft finish and a beautifully detailed, embroidered and scalloped overlap, it is the perfect spring to summer bedding that freshens any room with timeless white.