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  • Time to Hibernate

    When the clocks go back, it's a bittersweet moment. We rejoice at the thought of an extra hour in our day (which will probably be wisely spent sleeping) but then we remember what it really signifies: winter is coming. This needn't be met with a sense of foreboding, but as an opportunity to make your home the best it can be as you'll be spending a vast majority of your time indoors.

    With this in mind (and as we can't actually hibernate), we're pulling out all the stops to get our home ready in time for winter by creating a welcoming snug complete with roaring fire, twinkling candlelight and throws galore. A word of warning - if you adhere to our tips below, you may never want to leave your winter retreat...



    Lack of natural light during the shorter daylight hours means that it's important to create a softer ambience indoors. A good lighting scheme is so important during autumn and winter; think about where you'll be sitting to figure out where your light sources need to be positioned to avoid glare and reflection. For a warm and inviting atmosphere, keep overhead ceiling light usage to a minimum in bedrooms and living rooms, opting for lower-level wall, floor or table lamps instead. Start by changing to lower wattage bulbs or go back to basics with glowing candlelight (but remember to extinguish them before leaving the room).


    We're quite envious of anyone whose home has an open fireplace. There's nothing quite like a real fire to create a traditional winter ambience as the flames cast a warm glow around the room and the logs crackle in the hearth. A decorative metal fireguard is the perfect way to showcase your fireplace (whilst keeping curious pets and children out of harm's way). Keep a substantial supply of logs nearby in a handsome log basket  to save yourself numerous trips outside, and protect the floor underneath from any escaping embers by adding a large rug.




    Mulled wine, pine cones, chestnuts, hot chocolate; we all have favourite aromas which invoke the feeling of being indoors and wrapped up warm, something synonymous with winter. Bring those scents to life by filling your room with our Winter Forest fragrance featuring notes of cinnamon, vanilla and cloves, displayed in a beautiful glass diffuser holder.




    Now you have created the ambience for your winter retreat, it's time to pick your perfect spot in which to hunker down. Stake your claim to the largest, deepest and most comfortable armchair in the room, and for maximum comfort, surround yourself with an array of velvet cushions and swathe yourself in faux fur throws. Now sit back with a steaming mug of your favourite hot drink in hand and resolve to remain in your winter retreat until spring arrives!