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  • Guide To Creating The Perfect Wedding List

    Creating the perfect wedding list is a complete minefield. Firstly, in this modern day and age, there’s the ongoing debate on whether it’s considered rude or not to request gifts from guests attending your nuptials - especially if you and your partner already live together. Some people choose to request cash to go towards a honeymoon or deposit on a house, some would prefer a donation to charity, whilst others ask for no gift at all. For the traditionalists amongst you, a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without the aforementioned wedding list. The fail-safe option, it allows you to cater for all sizes of budget, and removes all ambiguity for your guests. Here we take a look at some do’s (and a few don’ts) to remember when creating your wedding list.


    Wedding List



    Unless you have a big win on the lottery or come into a secret inheritance, this is probably the one and only chance you’ll have to create your dream shopping list in your favourite shop, so make sure that you and your partner actually enjoy doing it. Prior to setting up your list - and before other wedding planning takes over - take the time to jot down items you’d like to include. Don’t be afraid to ask for things that you really, really want for your home; people’s generosity when it comes to gifts will often surprise you.



    After you’ve made a list of items that you’d like, try to visit the shop and see them in person. This is especially true if you’re going to set up your wedding list online where scale can often be deceptive and colour might not be true to life, plus you might spot something when wandering around the shop that you wouldn’t necessarily have noticed online. It’s a very good idea to set up your list with a company that has both shops and a website. Some people (the older generation in particular) don’t feel comfortable shopping online so it’s nice to give them the option to buy something from your wedding list in store. Likewise, friends or family that are cash-rich but time-poor will appreciate being able to choose a gift from the comfort of their own home (or even on their phone during their commute to work). And at three o’clock in the morning when you can’t sleep because your head is full of wedding worries, you can easily access and manage your list online.




    Apparently, couples receive approximately 30% of their suggested wedding list so bear this in mind when collating your list. We promise you won’t be seen as greedy if you go overboard; in fact, guests will appreciate a wide range of price points to choose from (especially a lot of single items at the lower end of the pricing spectrum). The age ranges attending your wedding should also bear some kind of influence on your chosen pieces - 20-somethings will easily attend a few weddings per year - but by no means shy away from including larger, more expensive items, as you may find that your lovely friends will club together and buy them for you.




    Make sure you include a vast selection of items that include something from most categories in the shop, even if it’s not your style. The reason for this is that some people are sticklers for tradition and tend to give the same thing as a gift at every wedding they go to, and if it isn’t on the list, you’ll receive it anyway! The last thing you want is for your guest to waste their money and for you to end up with something that you’re never going to use, so at least if the item is on your list you can exchange it for something you really want or vouchers. (Just hope they don’t ask to see their present next time they’re visiting).




    Always opt for single pieces over sets if you can. First of all, it allows you to offer lower price points for your guests, and you’ll often find that people give more when the item costs less. Secondly, if you’re aiming for a complete collection of china tableware for example, your family and friends now have a range to get presents from for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas (or you could even treat yourself to the missing pieces from time to time). A word of warning: check that the china you select is core range for that brand as it would be very annoying to end up with a half-completed set.



    If you’ve never even hosted a formal dinner party before, then are you likely to now just because you have a new set of china? Be completely honest with yourself and try to only include things that suit your current lifestyle. It’s so easy to get carried away but consider the practical aspect of your gift list - do you realistically have enough space to store or accommodate all these new pieces? And yes, we’d all love a dramatic chandelier in our home but will it really work in your flat with low ceilings? If you’re planning on moving house soon after your wedding, perhaps vouchers that you can use at a later date would be a more logical option (plus it means you’ll have less ‘stuff’ to pack up and move!).


    Casablanca Cocktail Glasses



    A gift list is an excellent opportunity to upgrade on those key pieces that you use every single day, such as crockery, cutlery, glassware, cushions, lamps, etc. If you bought all your essentials a while ago when you were younger and chose them based on what you could afford at the time, then your wedding list is the chance to finally get ones you really love. Evaluate your current selection of home accessories: Are you still holding on to plates with chips or cracks in them? Has any of your glassware been tarnished by the dishwasher? Have some of your cushions faded due to sunlight? If yes, include these on your list. A good tip is to over-order on glassware as there will undoubtedly be breakages at some point, and this way, you’ll always have spares.



    Some consider vouchers to be impersonal but we think they are often the best choice. Although porcelain and cushions are very lovely indeed, it would be nice to be able to receive a much-coveted piece of furniture included on your wedding list, and whilst most guests’ budgets won’t stretch that far, they will happily contribute vouchers to enable you to purchase a big-ticket item. And if you want a wedding list that consists entirely of vouchers, then that’s your prerogative!



    In the post-wedding and honeymoon glow, it’s often easy to overlook little gestures that will make someone’s day. Remember to make a note of everyone who gave you a wedding present (whether from the list or not) and send them a thank you note sooner rather than later; it won’t take you a second, but it will really make someone’s day.


    To set up an OKA wedding list online, head over to our very simple registration page. If you need any assistance, come and see one of our wedding advisors in-store or call 01235 433931. Wedding advisors will also be on hand at our Boutique Bridal Event which takes place from 6-8pm on Wednesday 5th March 2014. It’s completely free to attend; all you need to do is RSVP by emailing [email protected] to book your place.