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  • What Makes A Good Dining Table?

    The dining table is the heart of the home. It is the meeting place and social centre of our daily lives - so finding the perfect dining table is a big decision when designing your ideal home.

    But what makes a good dining table? What should we look for? Our dining habits are changing too - how do we cook and what are we eating? And could eating together offer positive benefits for your family life? We’ve put together an in-depth infographic exploring these questions and more.



    Eating together at the table is a traditional image of the day-to-day family routine - a focus for conversation, sharing and togetherness. But how do families perceive eating together?

    ●       Unsurprisingly, the majority of parents are in favour of dining with their children - 4 out of 5 say that their children are more likely to share news and join discussions at the dinner table

    ●       Perhaps unexpectedly, 7 out of 10 teenagers also understand the importance of sitting down at the end of the day - regarding frequently eating dinner with their parents as ‘very or fairly important’

    Beyond positive social aspects, there are also clear health benefits. Children are significantly less likely to be overweight or develop disordered eating habits when they regularly share meals together as a family. For such a simple piece of furniture, a good dining table can really help to enhance your lifestyle.


    What’s on our plates is changing, too. As budgets bounce up and down and our culinary habits shift, many food staples have fallen in popularity. Since 2007:

    ●       Meat-on-the-bone has seen a 33% drop in sales

    ●       While fish - often cheaper - has seen a 4% boost



    How we cook is also changing:

    ●       Only 25% of people choose to stick to what they know

    ●       Culinary adventure is the order of the day for many, with 42% enjoying trying new recipes


    Explore the infographic to discover more about what we look for in a dining table and our national dinner habits.