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  • What's In A Name?

    You may have noticed we didn’t just call our blog, the OKA blog. A few of you have been asking what the name means and why we chose it, so allow us to elaborate...

    We wanted a blog name that conveyed the journey that OKA has been on, from its early origins to the exciting international company that it is today. It began with three friends travelling across the Far East, searching for the finest designers and manufacturers with whom they could create beautiful pieces of the highest quality. Armed with a map, they scoured the remotest regions of China and India using various modes of transport including on one memorable occasion an elephant and more often (which brings us to the name) a little Tuk Tuk. We think our Tuk Tuk neatly encapsulates the sense of discovery that OKA hopes to inspire with each season bringing something new for you to explore.

    Our fabulous Tuk Tuk logo featuring Annabel, Lucinda and Sue (with Lucinda’s dog Beanie, who you may recognise from previous catalogues) was painted by our talented Concept Designer, Florrie. Here she is at work with her paintbrush and watercolours. Keep an eye out for some special variations of our blog logo throughout the year!


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