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The Calabash Lamp

Bashful? Not these curvaceous ceramic lamps. Quite the opposite in fact; large in size and bold in color, the Calabash is designed to stand out. We believe that a lamp should look just as good turned off as it does on, which is certainly true of this collection. Hand-glazed and fired to a crackle effect, each one is completely unique. These lamps work wonders in dark corners – a neutral lamp brightens a gloomy space; a colorful one truly enlivens it.

The Shagreen Collection

Adored by historical figures such as Madame de Pompadour, real shagreen, typically crafted from shark or stingray hide, has long been synonymous with luxury. We have always appreciated its beauty and spent years creating a faux version that looks just the real thing. Everyday items shouldn’t have to be understated, and our faux shagreen brings an opulence that is hard to compete with. Just like the Dalu Sideboard.

The Kraak Collection

It took us a while to find a potter who was able to craft Chinese porcelain that looks like a genuine antique, but it was worth the wait for our timeless blue and white Kraak China Collection. All of the items in this collection are made and hand-painted by a couple in Jingdezhen – known as the porcelain capital of China – where the traditional techniques used date back over 1,700 years.

Dining Table
The Kaishu Dining Table

The dining table is one of the most important items in our homes. It’s where we gather with friends and family and take stock. So, a dining table – and one that extends – had to feature in our selection of iconic pieces. With curvaceous legs that resemble Chinese calligraphy, the Kaishu is representative of our design ethos: we draw inspiration from different places and traditions to create something contemporary and unique.

The Faux Potted Orchid

Faux flowers have always been a highlight of our collection thanks to OKA founder Lucinda’s horticultural expertise. With minimal care – ours do like a quick blast from a hairdryer to get the dust off occasionally – and zero watering required, they’re one of the easiest ways to update your home. Is there anything quite as classic as an orchid? This mini version is always a best seller, since its size ensures it can fit just about anywhere.

The Versailles Ashmolean Bookshelves

The marriage of two of our best-selling collections, these mirrored shelves combine usefulness with glamor. There’s no reason why practical furniture should fade into the background and this is particularly true of the Versailles, each of which is made by hand and carefully foxed to create an antique effect. They can be as bold as you choose; line a number up for a hall of mirrors effect or arrange one in your study – the choice is yours. 

Colourful outdoor table layout