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  • 5 Key Pieces For Your… Bedroom

    The average person sleeps for eight hours a day which means that on average you will spend 229,961 hours, or one-third of your lifetime, asleep. It is for this reason that we think you should be sleeping only in the most beautifully-decorated bedroom. You’ll spend quite a lot of time there, after all.

    A harmonious bedroom should be a sanctuary that you can retreat to after a long day. It should be a space where every detail has been taken into consideration so that once you’re ready for bed, all you need to think about is getting to sleep.


    Master Bedroom


    How to light your bedroom

    The right lighting in a bedroom is a brilliant place to start when thinking about how to make your bedroom as relaxing as it can be. Bedside lamps are ideal for creating atmospheric lighting which can both soothe you in the evening and help to wake you up in the morning. We suggest buying your lamps in pairs to build a sense of style and symmetry in your space. We have an array of options when it comes to table lamps, for something quirky and unique, take a look at our bohemian-inspired Zingaro lamp. We have plenty of tips on how to create the right lighting, just take a look at our interview with lighting expert, Sally Storey.



    How to bring colour into your bedroom

    Flowers are a fantastic way of incorporating colour and life into any scheme and this is no different when it comes to designing your bedroom. However, whilst the scent of fresh flowers is welcome in some spaces, in a bedroom it can be over-powering and can even lead to waking up with a headache. Instead, create or choose a stunning bunch from our  Faux Flower Collection, we challenge you to try and tell the difference between them and the real thing.



    What is an essential bedroom piece?

    The last thing you need at night when you’re trying to switch off is to spend valuable sleeping time fumbling around your bedroom for all the bits and bobs you’re looking for. Bedside tables are a practical and stylish way of keeping all of your bedroom essentials nearby. We just love our Arlian Bedside Tables which have traditional features and a distressed finish to give them the appeal of a real antique. They also comes in both left and right-hand side configuration to create harmonious symmetry and easy access. We really have thought of everything. For ideas on bedside table essentials, have a look at our blog on what people keep on their bedside table.


    Bedside table and lamp


    A tip for even better sleep

    Do you wake up really thirsty? Experts say that becoming dehydrated in your sleep is very common and it can be a leading cause of restless nights and even insomnia. It’s important to keep hydrated but we’re not a fan of having unsightly plastic bottles around the bedroom. Fill up one of our especially elegant Abesalom Jugs, which is as practical as it is decorative.



    Add a touch of luxury to your bedroom

    Throws are a fantastic way of adding instant luxury to any space. There are so many variations in style, pattern, material and colour that you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect match for your bedroom. At OKA, we simply adore our Cria Throw which is incredibly soft, made from baby alpaca wool and available in three sumptuous colours.



    We hope we’ve given you plenty of ideas for creating a truly beautiful bedroom that you can unwind in every night. If you’d like a little more guidance, or even for ideas to redesign your room entirely, come to any of our stores and speak to one of our design experts in store.