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  • 5 Key Pieces For Your… Dining Room

    If you know OKA, you’ll know we love nothing more than a dinner party (as if we need another excuse to dress up our dining tables). From shimmering glass, to stand-alone decorative pieces, to vibrant tableware, we have you and your soirees covered. The dining room is at the heart of home entertaining so make sure yours is up to the task for the next dinner party with our five essential dining room pieces.



    1. Sit back and relax whilst we take you through some of our key dining room pieces. Firstly, the dining chair. Often overlooked in favour of a flashy table or some decorative ornaments, the dining chair cannot be overestimated. It’s all very well serving the finest food but if your guests aren’t sitting comfortably, it’ll be the backache that leaves the biggest impression. Luckily for you, we have a fantastic range of dining chairs that are not only comfortable but stylish too. Our bestseller, the Stafford Leather Dining Chair has all bases covered with its sumptuous seating, intricate stud-work and luxurious colour options. Check out our guide to choosing the perfect dining chair for more ideas and tips.



    2. The Sorano China dinner plates are a simple yet sophisticated range of pottery. Despite their elegant appearance they are extremely hard-wearing and so you can skip the post-party washing up and pop them straight in the dishwasher. These plates are beautifully simple and white always has classic appeal, but their shapely edges give them just that touch of character too.



    3. A table setting is never complete without the shimmering reflections of wine glasses and ours are simply must-haves. The Pulcinella Wine Glasses are made of white-coloured glass, each one featuring a different, playful pattern such as zigzags, spots, stripes and diamonds. They’re a beautiful alternative to plain glass and their unique patterns are sure to make them the talk of the table.



    4. Nothing sets the atmosphere like candlelight and when it comes to dinner parties, you can never have too many. We love to cluster candles together, or even line the entire table with them at varying heights. Whilst this can look absolutely fantastic it can also pose a serious fire risk. We have the perfect answer, our Pillar LED Candles have all of the effects and none of the worry of wax candles. They look just like the real thing, but these ones will dazzle all night long.



    5. Adding a sideboard can instantly create more scope and storage in your dining room and are ideal for housing everything from bottles of wine to photo albums to crockery. The Inigo Sideboard provides an effortlessly chic way to store your dinner party pieces. Featuring mirrored glass with a geometric wooden design and antiqued brass fittings, it’s as elegant as it is practical (whilst also creating extra surface space for just a few more candles!)



    We hope we’ve given you plenty of food for thought when it comes to creating the perfect dining space but if you fancy another bite, check out our guide to choosing the perfect dining table.