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  • 5 Key Pieces For Your... Sitting Room

    Sitting rooms are one of the most used and important rooms in any home. They are at the heart of everything from entertaining, to relaxing, to family get-togethers and it’s essential that they look the part.

    It’s easy to over-accessorise in a sitting room but make it too minimalist and the final result may lack that homely feel. We’ve brought together some of our favourite OKA pieces that will help get the balance just right whilst also being useful additions to your space.



    Because sitting rooms are such multi-functional spaces, they can often get cluttered with the pieces needed for different occasions and events. You might need throws for evenings curled up on the sofa one day and serving accessories for canapés the next. Rather than filling every available space with items needed for each eventuality, take a look at our storage options that keep unsightly clutter away. Our Saddle Leather Trunk is a best-seller for its chic exterior and roomy interior.



    A coffee table can easily become the focal point of any sitting room as it is often placed in the middle of the space. For this reason, make sure yours is ready to become the centre of attention by choosing an artful yet useful piece. If space allows, the bigger the better, this way you can use it to place decorative accessories and still have space for the champagne flutes. We adore the Wallace Coffee Table for its glamorous yet sophisticated appeal and its ability to double up as extra seating.



    The versatility of the sitting room means that it can be used all day long, from reading your morning newspaper to curling up with a book on the sofa late at night. To create the right atmosphere at any time of day, be sure to have a beautiful lamp or two. We always recommend buying your lamps in pairs to build a sense of style and symmetry in your space. We have an array of table and floor lamps, but our current sitting room favourite is the Merton Floor Lamp. With its black and brass exterior, it oozes modern appeal whilst also maintaining an edge of timeless elegance.



    Cushion Covers are a fantastic way of mixing up an old scheme or changing the look of a room with the seasons. With all the gloriously warm weather we’ve had recently, we’re simply in love with our Indicum Cushion Collection. The vivid indigo, which was the inspiration behind the collection, has the ability to bring the blue summer sky indoors. There’s a reason indigo was often referred to as blue gold.



    A harmonious sitting room is a perfect place to indulge in a nightcap (or two!) and our range of bar accessories has you covered. We think that the decadent Brass Bamboo Tray is a practical place to start your sitting room home bar, with a mirrored base that adds an instant air of luxury. Perfect for transporting drinks to guests or to use as a decorative tray for displaying bottles.



    For more sitting room expertise, check out our inspiration page that is brimming with unique and stylish ideas.