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  • A Christmas Party Survival Guide

    ‘Tis the season for turkey, terrible jumpers and too many parties. For many of us, weekends will be booked as solid as last year’s leftover Christmas cake with cocktail parties and Christmas get-togethers. It’s a time to reach out to old friends and make new ones, all over a plate of mince pies and a glass or two of mulled wine. With so many parties, it’s only sensible to assume some will be better than others, so make sure you’re prepared with our Christmas survival guide, that will help you avoid all the party pitfalls.


    What Time To Arrive

    Faux Succulent Wreath


    If you’re anything like us, a cold shudder of despair runs down your spine when the doorbell rings at the precise time you have invited guests to arrive. Quite often, we’d be perfectly happy for everyone to arrive several hours after the time we suggested, however, as a guest it’s best to arrive around half an hour later than the invite asks.


    What To Bring

    Faux Berry Bunch


    Arriving empty handed is a big mistake. When somebody has gone to the effort of organising a party, the least you can do is arrive with a bottle or a bunch of flowers. For Christmas it’s more thoughtful to offer a festive treat, perhaps a stunning bunch of our faux berries and some suspiciously well-proportioned ‘homemade’ mince pies.


    Avoiding Small Talk

    Christmas Character Set


    Although politics, religion and salaries are generally considered subjects that will lose rather than gain you friends, that’s no reason to be confined to an evening discussing the weather (yes - it’s been very cold, no – I didn’t know it was supposed to snow next week). Mutual friends, disaster holidays, the scandalous news regarding your next-door neighbour’s estranged sister-in-law, all make for far more interesting discussions. The best way to broach these more entertaining topics without appearing a gossip, is by beginning with, “I really can’t say much about it”, then proceeding to discuss everything you know.


    Mingle. Mingle. Mingle.

    Pulcinella Range


    When you walk into a room filled with strangers, start by scanning and selecting. Then reselecting a few more times. Once you tire of a conversation, “I’m just going to refill my drink”, is the universally understood code for “this has been lovely but I’m ready to speak to anyone but you now”. They’ll understand. Of course, for this to work you will need a drink in hand so hopefully your host has invested in a variety of glassware, such as our sublime Pulcinella range.


    Christmas games guide

    Fitzroya Game Table


    Historically, Charades has been responsible for the beginning-of-the-end of many marriages. The fun lies in being ruthless, competitive and ultimately, betraying any loved ones by joining the opposing team if you know they’ll be hopeless. If a party takes a tepid turn, suggesting a Christmas game will pick up spirits in no time (even if only on the winning team, so make sure you’re on it). Our Fitzroya Game Table is absolutely perfect for parties, since it can be used for countless rounds of chess, draughts or solitaire as well as doubling up as a surface space for drinks and nibbles.