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  • Alice Lascelles’ French 75

    Alice Lascelles

    Alice Lascelles writes about drinks for the Financial Times (and mixes a mean Martini).


    What could be better than your own home bar? If you like to indulge in the odd tipple at home, you have the family coming over or the annual Christmas party coming up (any excuse really), you must make sure you have a fully stocked bar. We have everything you could possibly need - except the alcohol... and the ice.


    Alice Lascelles’ French 75

    Everyone loves a Champagne cocktail at Christmas time – this is a Japanese twist on the French 75, a classic from the 1920s that’s traditionally made with gin, lemon, sugar and Champagne. It’s tangy, delicious and, perhaps most important of all, mixing it is the work of a moment. If you’re having a big gathering, you could even whip it up by the jugful.

    The recipe will work with any good quality sparkling wine, but I think it’s best when it’s made with icy-cold Champagne.




    45ml gin
    15ml lemon juice
    5ml sugar syrup
    100ml Champagne
    1 dash Angostura orange bitters
    Glass: Flute
    Garnish: Lemon twist


    Combine all the ingredients in a flute, stir gently and serve.