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  • Banish The Holiday Blues

    Holly Thomas

    by Holly Thomas, award-winning journalist who specialises in interior design.


    Returning from a sun-drenched holiday can spur a sudden urge to revamp a few rooms in your own home. A Moroccan riad, a Mediterranean coastal villa or a glamorous city boutique hotel may have filled you with inspiration to overhaul your own interiors and create a brand new look. Here are five ideas you can easily follow to give your home a lift – and banish the holiday blues.


    1. Splurge on new textiles

    New cushions are an easy option to replicate a style. They can immediately add a bold new look and refresh an old sofa or armchair.


    Tonoto Cushion Covers


    2. Bring your linen up to scratch

    For a real hotel experience at home buy new bedding. Why limit that luxurious feel to being away? Go for highly breathable fabrics that stay cool in the summer and warm in winter. Good quality white bed linen never fails to look chic. There’s no need to stop there. If your towels are a little tired, splash out on a new Hugeunot OKA set.


    Huguenot Bed Linen Range


    3. A coastal mood breathes new life into any room

    If you’re still pining for the ocean, go for blue and white schemes. Using different patterns within the same colour palette is an easy way to mix and match, creating interest whilst maintaining a relaxed, subtle look.


    Seaweed Frames


    4. Channel the riads of Marrakesh

    Moroccan interior design is one of the most distinctive and beautiful home trends, characterised by bright colours and bold patterns. Accessorise with vibrant colours as coasters, place mats on the dining table or simply as decorative pieces.


    Pasha Crockery


    5. Go Floral

    Flowers instantly lift a room - but you might not be able to grow your favourite bloom from your travels, which is where faux flowers come in. They are low-maintenance and last forever. If your fingers are anything but green, buy ready-made bunches.


    Pasha Crockery