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  • Choose The Best Colours For Your Home

    “A well-designed home will take on a life of its own,” says Giselle Mannering, Head of Interior Design at OKA. We sat down with her to discuss the creative process of designing a home and how this can impact the colour scheme, “you have to work out what the client actually wants and combine their vision with the architectural style of a building. This is vital for bringing together a home that flows whilst also maintaining the integrity and individuality of the house itself.”



    Giselle describes how colour schemes can create an individual identity in a particular space which can then be threaded throughout the rest of the house with design components based on personal style and architectural era. We asked what her key considerations were when beginning a new project:


    Which colours would benefit your home?

    “I would start by looking at the house orientation, depending on whether it is north or south facing could determine the palette that I would use in each room. It’s also important to decide upon a focal point for the space. This might be a piece of art or existing furniture which could then guide the style, colour and even the function of the room.”



    Colour scheme for a modern home

    “In a modern space, you might opt for a sleek and polished look with cool greys, gentle whites and a touch of cream. Or you could bring in contemporary colours, clashing fuchsia pinks, oranges and reds set against elements of white in order to emphasise the contrast.”



    It is just as important to understand the architecture and history of a home when it comes to designing the spaces inside it. Giselle takes this into account during her creative process when selecting colour schemes and furnishings.


    Colour scheme for a traditional home

    “A Georgian home in Spitalfields might benefit from an earthy, autumnal palette with dark floors and rich greens to reflect the remnants of a by-gone era. In contrast, a country farmhouse may thrive with interiors that feature dusky pinks, delicate faded florals and flashes of blue and white.”



    Whilst colour is, of course, an important element of a room’s design, a home can take on multiple colour schemes within separate spaces. The stylistic flow of the house can then be threaded together through the use of era inspirations, an evocative image or the architecture of the home itself. It is getting the balance between all these elements, tying together a complete, beautiful and liveable home, that Giselle does so naturally.

    For further insights into our Head of Interior Design, Giselle Mannering, check out our Q&A with her where we talk about all things design and her top tips for creating your ideal home.

    If you’d prefer to have someone help you with designing your home, whether that’s updating just one room or a whole house, our talented design team are ready to help.