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  • Decorative Summer Lighting

    Whatever the time of year, the right lighting can completely alter the look and feel of a room. Lamps are so much more than just practical objects in your home: not only do they serve a functional role in a scheme but they can also be incredibly decorative pieces, and how you use them can make a real impact. Different shapes, colours and patterns on lamps can also bring various design elements to your interiors, and here we show you how our favourite decorative lamps can give any room a much-needed boost for summer.



    A coloured lamp is an excellent way of introducing a splash of bold colour. Used against a blank wall, it can create a real impact. Think of coloured lamps in the same way as a cushion - a block of solid colour that can easily be incorporated into any room, whatever your style. The material or texture of the lamp can also help to create a particular effect: coloured glass becomes semi-opaque when placed in front of a window, metal tole has a slightly faded or dusty colour finish, and ceramic lamps have a soft, washed-out tone. Coloured lamps are an alternative way to continue your colour palette - go for similar or complementary colours – whilst also incorporating a practical piece into your scheme.



    With designs ranging from the subtle to the striking, a patterned lamp is the perfect way to add depth and interest to your scheme. From bold geometric patterns that make a statement, to delicate floral prints, to incredibly detailed hand-painted designs that look like works of art, there is something for everyone. If you're cautious when it comes to including colour in your design scheme, adding a patterned lamp gently introduces this concept with minimal commitment. Patterned lamps are also a great way of drawing focus in a neutral scheme but can also be utilised effectively to unify the colour palette of the space. Mix and match with other accessories such as rugs, cushions and curtains to create a coherent look.


    Accessorising with lamps offers the opportunity to be creative, and introducing an intrerestingly shaped lamp to your scheme will certainly provide a focal point. Lamps inspired by nature are perennially popular as they deliver an extra level of detail. Whether bird, leaf or a stack of pebbles, their organic forms create striking silhouettes, making them seem more like decorative pieces than everyday table lamps. Choose lamps with curved lines or antiqued finishes to help to soften more modern schemes and balance the traditional and contemporary.




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