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  • Enlightened Design

    100% Design first appeared in 1995 as the commercial counterpart to London Design Festival. It has since grown into the largest and longest running design trade show in the UK with more than 27,000 visitors across 4 days. Taking place in Olympia, the award-winning event featured an array of talks, installations and a curated selection of products from world-leading international brands. OKA had the pleasure of heading down there to see this inspiring design first hand.


    Design 2018


    This year, 100% Design had plenty of new installations and events. Striking installations, inspiring collaborations and high-end design remained the focus, but a fresh approach to the show highlighted its dedication to innovation and emerging talent in a fun, vibrant way. This included the third edition of Enlightened Design, an exhibition which introduces cutting edge lighting design.


    Dezeen Design


    The running theme of lighting in this year’s 100% Design was reflected in the installations and talks. “The Magic of Illumination” was a particularly fascinating panel hosted by the Editor of darc magazine, Helen Ankers. ‘darc’ is a publication dedicated to high-quality decorative lighting in architecture and interior design, so it’s no surprise that the panel discussed many of the intricacies of working with light to produce the perfect fixture for an interior space.

    Lighting is a fundamental component of interior design, not least because without it, you can’t see much else! 100% Design is focused on the best, brightest and most imaginative creations in the industry, so lighting aside, it really was a fascinating event to attend. From floating beds to rotating chairs, there was a clever solution and eccentric surprise around every corner, with plenty to eat and drink along the way.


    Firemotion Design


    At OKA, we put a large emphasis on our lights as they are crucial in transforming a space, capturing the attention of everybody who walks in and creating that warming, contented feeling. When done correctly, lighting enhances the appearance of the materials and textures in a room, bringing out the depth of colours and pattern. Whether gentle with a romantic glow or practical and illuminating, there is something magical about light, and our attraction to it.


    Shanghai Kinetura Design


    From Table Lamps to Floor Lamps, at OKA we have a vast array of lighting that is both artful and functional, so take a look to create that perfect balance in your rooms.