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  • Festival Feeling

    Festival season is upon us and in theory, it should be the highlight of the year. However, a weekend spent surrounded by friends, partying until the early hours to your favourite musicians, can often deteriorate into shivering nights in damp sleeping bags and hours spent alone in the dreaded bathroom queue (‘bathroom’ being somewhat of an overstatement).

    If the idea of wading through mud and not showering for the weekend makes you shudder, but you love the idea of eating and drinking under the stars whilst listening to great music, then why not create a festival feeling in your own home?



    Once your speakers are outside (or you’ve recruited a wannabe musician friend) there are just a few more tweaks to achieve that festival feeling. On a patch of dry grass or your patio lay down an eye-catching rug, with a mesmerising multi-coloured print. Some of our favourites are hand-woven with tassels to create a festival-finish. Floor pillows are a wonderful way of encouraging guests to lay back and relax, they can be scattered at random, to be pleasing both to the eye and sore feet.



    Keep mealtimes low-key (and low-down) with our extensive array of stylish coffee tables which look incredible, especially when set with our colourful range of china. This vibrant tableware is decorated by hand and features bold, textured patterns to ensure your table requires little extra adornment. Finally, to finish off the festival theme, bring some life and light to the space with hurricane lamps. We have plenty of designs to choose from, so whether you want to stand them on tables or hang them from trees – the choice is yours. LED candles are a fantastic way of maximising atmosphere and minimising worry, especially since ours look just like the real thing.


    When the drinks are flowing, the music is blaring, your guests are mingling and the food is sizzling, you’ll quickly forget that Glastonbury isn’t on this year.