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  • How to add a festive touch to your home with cushions

    With December 25th fast approaching, it’s time to update your home décor to help get you in the mood for Christmas, and what better way to begin than with an array of colourful Christmassy pillows? Wrapping presents and writing cards doesn’t feel half as fun if you’re not in a warm room bejewelled with Christmas decorations or festive furnishings. As the weather starts getting colder, we’re naturally drawn to darker colours and more tactile fabrics, so if you’re looking to stock up on some winter-appropriate soft-furnishings, here are our top tips on how to add a festive touch to your home with pillows.




    When we think of traditional yuletide décor, our mind is drawn to decorations in shades of green and red. Both colours have been widely used throughout different eras – in everything from pagan folklore to religious iconography. A lot of people associate the appropriation of red and green over the festive months with the Victorians. They introduced countless Christmas traditions (cards, crackers and eating turkey for Christmas dinner), but it’s more likely that they revived the colour scheme rather than inventing it. Holly also plays a large role in this red and green association; the Romans used sprigs of holly and small figurines to dress small evergreen trees during winter solstice celebrations.

    So, how do we bring these festive tones into the home? Pillows are the way forward.




    Pillows, along with decorations, accessories and candles, bring festive flourishes to a room - yet can be easily removed as soon as Christmas is over. If you’re opting for traditional colours, red pillows look best in small doses, as shown in our ‘Colour Your Home With Pillows’ infographic.



    If want to keep your home as relaxing as possible but pay homage to the festive theme, perhaps focus on solely the colour green for that yuletide vibe? Green is a wonderfully versatile hue and is surprisingly easy to style. Covetable pillow covers such as the turquoise Shambhala Pillow Cover help integrate festive touches into a room; the gold paisley print stands out against the green/blue background.




    If you’re worried that red and green accents will clash with the colour scheme of your sitting room, why not choose some metallic or embroidered pillows instead? They will look just as festive and will tie in beautifully with all your gold and silver Christmas decorations.

    Pillows with frogging and beading detail, like our Chaplet Pillow Cover, are super lavish and can be used to switch up neutral décor.

    If you’re working with a minimalist scheme and are after a subtle whisper of gold, dress up your sofa with our Grenadine Pillow Cover, adorned with a light matt metallic design.

    Other metals are often overlooked, although this isn’t the case with our Ophelia Pillow Cover, which features deep bronze velvet embroidered with an eye-catching gothic design.




    Envelope your home comfort and joy, in the form of velvet pillow covers, blankets and textiles that can be used from room to room – creating a sense of celebration.

    We’ve briefly touched on our penchant for tactile fabrics and how velvet can make a room feel warmer. It’s especially popular in winter, as you only need a pillow-sized amount of it to create a big impression and it comes in a cornucopia of different jewel shades. Our Migale Pillow Cover is available in three sumptuous hues of velvet and features an unusual zardozi-style gecko sewn to the façade of the pillow.



    But it’s not all about velvet. Faux fur is another popular choice of fabric for winter, as it’s also very soft and the texture will bring another dimension to a scheme. Our range of faux fur throws can be draped over a sofa or bed and will be your best friend when you need warming up. We’ve got a range of goat hair pillows to match, which are great for creating a rustic, alpine look - think Christmas in a chalet in the mountains, sipping on glühwein or hot chocolate. Layer a few of these in a nook with some comfortable blankets.




    At Christmas, you’re surrounded by loved ones, presents and delicious food – made all the merrier in a warm, celebratory and inviting environment. Why not decorate your kitchen with drops of damson and splashes of scarlet, and add a red or green pillow to each of the dining room chairs. This will infuse the dining area with blocks of colour, and also ensure a comfortable Christmas lunch.



    Alternatively, if a dining bench sits alongside your table (ideal for all those extra guests), imagine how striking Emily Todhunter’s ‘Traditionally Tribal’ pillow set would look arranged across the seat. The red detailing is diluted with a grey and off-white pattern, which allows you to enjoy a festive red pillow set without it appearing too overpowering.

    Don’t forget to deck your table in decadent winter table accessories; our Cornamenta range is a good starting point if you’re seeking a rural look out of the ordinary. A faux flower arrangement, using festive blooms like holly berries and ivy, would make a delightful centrepiece.



    Now you’re ready to start decorating your home in time for Christmas, and have some idea as to where you’ll place your pillows. There are only so many sleeps until Christmas, so the sooner you start thinking about your Christmas colour scheme, the better. To add a festive touch to your home with pillows, shop our wide range of pillow pads and pillow covers.