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  • Five Minutes With...Nicky Haslam

    The fabulous interior designer, socialite, artist, writer and furniture designer, has joined up with us again for a third collaboration. We grabbed five minutes with Nicky to talk about his new pieces – the Elinard Stool and the Franconi Sideboard – and find out what’s caught his eye on from our Spring Collection.


    How do the new pieces relate to your old collection? 

    These new pieces of furniture fit seamlessly into my existing collection. They have the same ‘presence’… a bold silhouette with a cool, almost tangible finish that harmonises with all styles and periods of furniture.


    Where would you put the Elinard Stool?

    There’s nothing more useful than an easily moveable stool like the Elinard. It can sit under a console table ready to be pulled up for extra dinner guests, or, traditionally, placed before a tall window, or either side of a fireplace. Its classical baroque lines immediately say, “I’m comfortable, try me”.


    What inspired the Elinard Stool? 

    The design of the Elinard Stool was inspired by some simple rococo garden gates I saw on a visit to the Czech Republic.



    The Franconi Sideboard was inspired by the circus - is there a particular circus that you enjoyed?

    I love its curved, almost tent-like front, and the chunky feet remind me of upturned flagpoles. You could store almost the whole of Gifford’s enchanting circus in its deep and tall interior!


    Where would you put the Franconi and what would you store inside? 

    If my bedroom were big enough, I’d have the Franconi Ccabinet there. It would be great for shoes and boots, let alone Methuselahs of Virginie Taittinger’s delicious new champagne, Taittinger V. Hope you read this, Virginie…


    What are your three favourite pieces from OKA’s Spring Collection? 

    I think the Tiburon Cabinet is a great piece of furniture. It would work equally in a library, or as a nightstand, or in a bathroom, due to its classical proportion and Doric column-like detailing.


    One can’t get enough of blue-and-white in all its form and variation. The Ladakh Rug will anchor any such a collection perfectly, with its subtle colour and simple yet traditional design.


    I’m a sucker for dining chairs that don’t scream dining room. The Washakie Chair doesn’t do that at all. It would be at home anywhere, in a bedroom or hall - in fact, any place where it can be brought into the dining room at the last minute. I find the radiating canework back so witty and light-hearted.



    Have you added anything truly scrumptious to your home recently? 

    I was recently been given a ravishing etching by Hugo Wilson, by far the most interesting artist working today. I’m deeply proud to possess this work -an allegorical, mythical animal, which is both tough and romantic, and also sublimely rendered.


    What could you not live without in your home? 

    I couldn’t live without fake flowers, as well as real. OKA’s long branches of creamy magnolias look stunning against my library’s peacock-blue walls.


    How would you describe your career?

    During my long career in design, I have seen every style and fad come and go. But in the end, one wants furniture that fits in happily with other pieces, that doesn’t shout, and is reliable in making a room calm and welcoming.


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