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  • Give It Up For Autumn


    No. I’ve not gone mad. It’s just that for me September is a far more natural time for renewal and change. The holidays are over, it’s the moment for new schools and universities, and look: Mother Nature is also getting into gear. January is a time for turnips. That’s about it. But come September and we can eat game, the bushes teem with blackberries, there are sloes and damsons.

    Apples and pears need picking, as well as vegetables, like leeks and kale, there are chestnuts and cobnuts, quince and sage. Then there are restaurant openings, new bars and new books are published.

    Of course, I completely understand that the established social construct dictates that January is the official New Year. And thus our lives are structured. After all, national holidays unite us, and we bounce between Christmas and Easter, Halloween and Bonfire Night. It becomes socially acceptable to drink more in the run-up to Christmas and then to give it all up in January. But whilst being part of the herd is reassuring, it can be equally gratifying to rebel. A wet Tuesday in April is a more original time for a long lunch than a Friday in mid-December. Take a long weekend in Venice in February and you can walk the streets and see the canals without having to feel you’re part of a long, endless queue. Keep drinking and indulging in your bad eating habits in January and instead see September as the time for renewal and change.

    The weather is still decent and as it’s the new New Year why not give up some things and take up others…And don’t worry, there are no fitness videos…


    Time Line of September