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  • Golden Eye

    In 4000BC, a civilization that inhabited what we now call Eastern Europe started decorating with gold. Since then, six millennia have passed - but the allure of gold has not.



    Gold is a versatile colour that can be combined with most schemes; it can be subtle or loud. It brightens up a room and adds a touch of timeless glamour. It’s one of the few colours that can look modern and classic simultaneously. Adding the golden touch to your interiors shouldn’t be daunting - just think of it as dressing up an outfit. Whether you choose a few small gold accents, such as a lamp, cushions and a side table, or if you decide to be more adventurous with a golden wall, the rich colour will warm up your room. Mix and match gold furniture and accessories to add a spark of luxury and a dash of magnificence to your house.




    Shambala Cushion Covers

    These cushion covers are the perfect way to jazz up your armchair, sofa or bed.



    The Trumpet Spoon

    This decadent and exquisitely crafted spoon, looks perfect next to your sugar bowl.



    The Lempicka Screen

    The most glamorous way to section off a room or reflect light into a dark corner.



    Twig Lamp

    This unique lamp is sure to attract attention.



    Pyramide Wine Rack

    This is not just a wine rack, it is a piece of art.