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  • Guest Prepared

    How can you ensure that your guests really have something to write home about? Our Founders reveal their tips to make every guest feel at home.

    Faux Shagreen Dressing Table Mirror

    1.“Every guest bedroom should be equipped with a mirror, ideally with a plug nearby so guests can blow dry their hair.” – Sue Jones


    Saddle Leather Jewellery Box

    2. “I always keep an empty jewellery box in the guest bedrooms. After all, you don’t want to spend your weekend locating your visitor’s lost earring!” – Annabel Astor


    Panama Luggage Rack 

    3. “If guests are only staying for a couple of days they may not want to properly unpack, so a luggage rack is perfect.” – Lucinda Waterhouse


    Fringed Linen Bedcover/Throw 

    4. “Who doesn’t love a blanket on a cold winter’s night?” – Sue Jones


    Scent For Living

    5. “One of the first things I notice when I enter a room is the scent, so make sure it is delicious. The Alpine Forest fragrance is particularly Christmassy.” – Lucinda Waterhouse


    Faux Fur Throw - ‘Rabbit’  

    6. “Our faux fur throws are a great way of adding a luxurious touch to your bedroom.” – Sue Jones


    Frond Lamp 

    7. “Next to the bed in a guest bedroom you must always have a pile of good books, a bunch of beautiful faux flowers and an excellent lamp.” – Annabel Astor


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