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  • Have Trends Had Their Day?

    One of the highlights from this year’s 100% Design Show was the talk ‘Have Trends Had Their Day’?

    At OKA we don’t follow trends. Instead, we prefer to create collections that will stand the test of time and complement both treasured antiques and modern designs alike. Eager to find out what industry experts had to say on the subject, one of our writers attended the panel. The talk was chaired by Melissa McCafferty of eporta, a leading online platform exclusively for trade professionals, and focused on cross-generational trends that are set to stay. Here are some of the ‘trends’ that were discussed.





    One could argue that this look is very millennial: constellations, stars and tarot cards are all very much in the limelight, featured in blogs, magazines and coffee table books. But the panel revealed their tips on how to bring this trend into your interiors, in a more accessible manner. An easy way to bring a little bit of ‘other-worldliness’ into your home (without adorning every available space in crystals and incense sticks) is to incorporate geometrical shapes into your interiors. These prism shapes mirror the silhouette of a crystal, without being too obvious.


    Dark colours, reminiscent of a night sky, go hand in hand with the mystical trend. Bottle greens, ink blues and ultra-violets are all popular choices. According to Lorna Oakley, Social Media & Content Manager at eporta, “Purples can be hard to use in a lot of spaces, but lilacs and maroons are a much more accessible way to channel this colour into your home.”

    Mirrors are also great for infusing a room with a bit of mystery and magic, as they distort the imagery in a space and create all sorts of optical illusions.


    Airadee Mirror



    It’s no secret that the wellness industry is worth a lot of money and buzzwords like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘self-care’ are doing the rounds. It was interesting to hear how this has affected interior design: as mentioned earlier, dark colours are being requested more than ever; this could be down to the desire to feel cocooned and safe. Interior Designer, Sophie van Winden iterates that many of her clients are asking for “me spaces” in their homes, filled with curved edges and tactile fabrics which “evoke comfort.”

    Michael Faulkner, Design Haus Liberty, adds that “we expect more from our domestic spaces than what we used to”, choosing features that will bring a little extra something to a room and make us feel special. This could be a bar cart, or an armchair upholstered in a luxurious fabric: clients are still asking for velvet years later, “velvet isn’t dying, it’s only getting bigger and better.” - Lorna Oakley


    Launceston Chair


    Bringing The Outside In

    Another ‘trend’ which is so much more than a trend, is our longing to bring the outdoors inside. Candles, plants and natural light have always been sought after, but there’s been an increase in the number of clients asking for natural materials, such as wood and terracotta, and there’s been a “big growth in the use of rattan.”

    At OKA, we’ve been creating rattan accessories since 1999, so there’s always been that interest in natural materials. But it feels like customers want to feel connected to nature more than ever before in the digitally enabled society we live in. Just because technology has advanced, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we want her homes to resemble something from a blockbuster sci-fi film. Marie Borgat, Editorial Assistant at WGSN uses the term ‘shy tech’, to describe our keen interest in technology, and equal desire to keep it out of plain sight.


    Riverside Resience


    The talk certainly provided some food for thought and it was insightful to gain further knowledge on some of the most-loved interiors trends and how to integrate them into our homes. To recreate some of the looks discussed, take a peek at our picks below.


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