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  • How To Create The Perfect Christmas Table

    Every year Christmas seems to come around faster, each time catching us slightly off guard. But not this year - this year we will be prepared. (Or that is certainly the mantra we’ve been repeating in the mirror every morning for the past month). If you’ve managed to escape hosting duties, then count yourselves lucky, but this is a post for those of us who have been a little less fortunate and need a little help with pulling off a Christmas feast to remember. 

    Whether you celebrate a traditional Christmas or a modern one, whether you have holiday in the wintry mountains or under the warm sun, or whether there’s just a couple of you or your whole family, we’ve got some tips to help you create the perfect Christmas table.


    How to create A Traditional Christmas Table

    Keeping long-standing traditions is such an important part of the holiday season. Whether you’re a family who hangs your stockings in front of the fire, keeps them at the end of your bed or you don’t have stockings at all, changing it would feel almost criminal. So if you’re a traditionalist, keep your traditions alive and find a way to add your own spin on them.


    In this traditional Christmas look, we used a dark brown extending dining table. A dark dining table tends to look more traditional than one in a lighter shade, and when paired with leather dining chairs, creates a very comfortable setting that encourages guests to linger. These dining chairs are particularly useful, as due to their narrow backs, you can fit many more around the table.

    The table is decorated in reds and blues, with the Christmas feast served on blue and white china. Each piece is a near exact replica of Ming and Qing period pottery and has that timeless appeal, so they will serve you well for Christmases to come. A ribbon tassel is placed on every napkin, adding a bit of festivity. Walnuts spray-painted gold add that element of splendour, as do the little table presents wrapped in lavish gold paper.


    How to create A Modern Christmas Table

    The wonderful part about going for a modern Christmas theme is you can go for an updated and sleek look while creating a table that looks completely unique. This dining table is original, whilst still maintaining an elegant and chic look. What’s more, each chair is adorned with a snowy owl for a wintery feel.


    In this modern Christmas look, we used a simple rustic style dining table, which could work in either a kitchen or dining room. These magnificent goat hair armchairs add both sumptuous elegance and a burst of fun. A combination of fairy lights entwined in the centrepiece, paper lights in the tree and dimmable hanging lamps over the table create a warm cosy atmosphere, essential for a modern scheme, as otherwise the room can come across as slightly cold and unwelcoming.

    The traditional Christmas colour scheme of green and white is given a modern spin with the introduction of purple. Sticking to one colour scheme is an easy way to make sure your table looks complete. The white glassware matches the owls, crackers and napkins, whilst the purple comes through on the faux flower heads adorning the napkins and crackers and, of course, via the red wine in the jugs. The table top tree and printed screen add a touch of festive greenery.


    How to create A Christmas Table in the Snow

    You can’t count on having a white Christmas in the United Kingdom, but if you really are dedicated to the idea of a snowy Christmas morning, then maybe you should spend Christmas in the Alps? The iconic vision of a white Christmas helps set the stage for holiday cheer. The key to creating the perfect Christmas table in a chalet is to go rustic. Indeed, complementing your decor with your surroundings makes your home away from home perfect during the holidays.


    Each chair is adorned with a faux fur throw for a sense of comfort and warmth. Hurricane lamps filled with candles create that peaceful glow, whilst greenery and plates decorated with leaves anchor the table setting into the mountainous environment.


    How to create A Christmas Table in the Sun

    If the idea of Christmas in the snow doesn’t lift your holiday spirits, you need Christmas in the sun. Whether you spend your Christmas in Buenos Aires or the Bahamas, your table must match its surroundings. There is no use decorating your space with fur throws if it’s boiling hot. 

    Here we used a dining table in a light hue, as it looks great in warmer climes.Ivory cutlery gives a nod to traditional style and the verdigris placemats add that necessary dash of green. If your festivities are occurring in the heat this year, you can still bring in those classic Christmas touches using decorations, even if your Christmas meal is a barbeque!


    How to create A Green Christmas Table

    As we’ve said before, building your Christmas table around a few colours is a great way of combining different elements together, but if you want to truly make a dramatic statement, use one colour predominantly throughout the whole room. Green is the focus for this Christmas dining scheme, with the walls,dining chairs and plates all in that Christmassy colour. To add a personal touch and a hint of sparkle, each place setting has a little gold box which contains a present and the table is scattered with gold and silver sugared almonds and a tower of macarons. With the table set, you just need your guests and the Christmas feast can begin!



    How to create A Cosy Christmas Table

    There’s something particularly nice about having a small Christmas with just your absolute favourites around the table – whether that’s a selection of friends or your immediate family. The trick to pulling off a cosy Christmas is making sure your table isn’t too big. Ideally you would have a small dining table or an extending dining table that can be shrunk down. Just because your table is small, doesn’t mean your decor and accessories have to be. Deck the table with faux winter blooms (for extra help on choosing flowers, see our blog post on Top 5 Winter Flowers), use pine cones as place holders and if you want to add a festive centrepiece, use the Tinio Tree or a wreath with a hurricane lamp in the centre.



    It’s the little decorative accessories, from lighting to centrepieces to tableware, which give your dining table personality and make it perfect for you and your guests. Everyone loves Christmas trees, presents, crackers and Christmas Pudding (well, not everyone) but when it comes down to it, your table doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s who’s sitting around it that really matters. We wish you the happiest and merriest (and least stressful) of holidays, however and wherever you choose to celebrate it!


    P.S. If you are still looking for the perfect presents, take a look at some of our gift-giving ideas for Christmas.