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  • How To Customise Your Bed

    There’s no denying it: the most important piece of furniture you’ll ever buy for your home is your bed. And if you’ve spent a lot of time researching it and a lot of money purchasing it - and are planning to spend a lot of time sleeping in it - we think it should be the stand-out piece in your bedroom. If you’re planning on redecorating your bedroom, why not start with the bed and build your new scheme around it? From quirky headboards, fashioned with throws or rugs, to four-posters dressed up with drapes.


    Four Poster Bed


    How to update a plain headboard

    If your current bed is a divan, then you’ve got plenty of storage but what about style? Our range of fabulous headboards have you covered whether you’re after the drama of studs or the luxury of a chesterfield. Alternatively, why not dress up your headboard using exotic wall mounts and quirky patterned throws to create a unique sleeping experience.


    Tartan Headboard


    How to create a unique headboard

    Creating a headboard out of something that is not, in fact, a headboard can have a truly decadent result. We love this creation using one of our stunning mirrors as a headboard simply by turning it on its side.


    Mirror Headboard


    How to dress up a four-poster bed

    If a four-poster bed isn’t sumptuous enough for you, try wrapping the frame with heavy textiles in vivid colours for ultimate impact. To create a more summery feel, use light and floaty fabrics to feel as if you’ve just woken from a siesta in a beautiful beach-side villa.


    Four Poster Bed

    White Drapes


    For more ideas on creating the perfect bed, right down to the mattress, have a read of our guide to a well-dressed bed.