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  • How To Enjoy Your Garden In Winter

    It’s that time of year again. It’s getting chillier by the day and the summer glow has faded (sadly not only from the sun, but our faces as well). It’s officially nesting season and while that brings a whole host of indoor delights, the downside is that we tend to wave farewell to Mother Nature.

    From reducing stress to boosting energy, the benefits of being outdoors are numerous—so it’s no wonder that when the temperature drops we’re often hit with the winter blues. In true OKA style we’ve picked up some tips on our travels on how to enjoy your garden in the winter months. Whether it’s a small city patio or acres of country wilderness, with a few simple touches you can make your outside space as inviting as your sitting room.



    The Best Outside Lighting

    As evenings get darker, warm lighting is a good place to start. And who better to draw inspiration from on this topic than our Danish neighbours? Dark nights characterise the country for about six months of the year and one of the ways residents’ combat this is with candles—a key element of the Danish way of living “hygge”.

    So, take a leaf out of their book and embrace candles, candles and more candles. Adorn all the surfaces you have with tea lights and pillar candles to create that cosy, magical aesthetic. If it’s looking a little windy, then LED options are the perfect back-ups as well. Not just for Christmas, fairy lights are ideal for adding a little sparkle and creating a feature in your garden—wind them around trees for an enchanting look. Lanterns, like our rustic Saddle Leather Lantern, are also lovely decorative additions, bringing a warm glow to your evening hot chocolate (or mulled wine).



    How To Stay Warm In The Garden

    Traditional indoor fireplaces are always a focal point at home, their cosy, nostalgic nature means people are drawn to them. There’s no reason why this can’t be the same outside. The addition of a firepit, chimenea or outdoor heater helps you make the most of your garden; their light and warmth making them hot spots for gathering, not to mention marshmallow toasting.

    Textiles are essential too, not only for cosying up but for creating a pleasing aesthetic. Outdoor rugs are great for defining space in your garden; textured options add visual appeal as well as warming slippered feet. Choose throws, blankets and cushions from a warm colour palette, it’s the perfect time to make a statement with red and gold hues. Our tactile Cria Throw is the perfect choice for layering up and comes in a range of autumnal tones.



    The Best Winter Flowers

    Flowers enliven a garden with colour and character. So it’s always bittersweet when you peek out of the window to a stunning, sparkling frosty morning, only to see that your favourite blooms haven’t survived the night. Seasonal plants like winter-flowering heather, winter pansies or cyclamen are ideal for brightening up pots and planters in your outdoor idyll. If you’re less than green-fingered however, faux options are perfect for popping on the table for a natural touch—we’ve chosen our top 5 winter flowers for you here.



    What Outside Activities Are Best In Winter?

    While snuggling up outside and chatting is all well and good, sometimes you want a little more than that. Well, outdoor cinemas don’t just have to be reserved for summer sunshine. Setting up a projector screen or inflatable cinema screen in your garden is simple, then all you have to do is sit back, relax and pray for no rain.

    To bring Alpine appeal to your garden, a hot tub is your answer. There’s something so heavenly about them in the crisp autumn air—just close your eyes and you could be in the mountains.



    The Tipi’s The Limit

    You should be all set to enjoy your garden regardless of the temperature, but if you want to take it one step further then we have the answer: the winter tipi. There are plenty of routes to go down with this, from stretching canvas across treetops to provide shelter, to simply cosying up under your gazebo. If you simply can’t get enough of being at one with nature, why not consider investing in a luxurious permanent fixture that you can use year-round? Adults and children alike are sure to love it.



    Feeling motivated to transform another space?  Have a look at our Inspiration page, where you’ll find almost too many ideas to choose from.