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  • Interior Living: From Concept to Cushions

    Even as a novice, you can find quick fixes to update your home and make it more stylish. If your furnishings and overall room design have seen better days, there are simple but effective interior design tricks that can transform your space and add personality and style. Here at OKA, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you revamp your rooms. Here are some tips for creating a polished, updated space in your home.

    Choose the purpose of the room

    Your living space is the heart of your home, so defining how you’ll use the room is key for creating the right ambience. Does it need to be light and airy for the whole family to enjoy? Darker and more intimate for an evening of socialising? Comfortable and tech-free to escape a distracted world? When deciding, think about your lifestyle and as the room may hold multiple purposes, be flexible and unique.

    Choose and research a theme

    Research and discover what interior design style you would like to use in your room, always keeping the purpose of the room in mind. For instance, with a traditional theme, there are connotations of curved edges, muted colours and soft textures, whereas with a modern theme, clean lines white walls and bold features are the name of the game. Although it’s good to have an overall theme, don’t feel hemmed in by it - mixing some elements of one style with another can create an eclectic look that can really bring out your personality in a space. The OKA interior design team advise that you should "use traditional materials in a modern setting to soften and add depth to the scheme.” Once you have a general theme, you can then research colours, textures, furnishings and patterns associated with it.


    Choose your colour palette

    The right colour palette can truly make or break a room. It’s well worth putting some time in choosing the right colours to use for your room, always keeping in mind that different textures and paint finishes can make the same colour look different. Play with contrasting colours for a bold look, or stick to one palette for a more traditional look. For something a little different, we advise you to "consider dirty pink as an alternative to the usual neutral palette of cream or grey. It's warm and light - the perfect backdrop on which to layer bold coloured accessories to create depth and add warmth."

    Choose your furniture

    Keeping the purpose, theme and colour in mind, furniture decisions can be made. We at OKA recommend that you "make the most of existing features in a room and scale pieces accordingly. Be clever with narrow consoles, compact sofas and small dining tables, then up the ante with accessories." This is the opportunity to add more personality to the room and, of course, add function to the space.

    Don’t overlook accessories

    Accessories may be the final stage but they can really make a room. Add personality and mix up the style with eclectic flourishes. Things like cushions, lighting and decorative accessories are all critical pieces of room decor that will elevate your space. Sometimes, just changing a few cushions on a couch or a lamp on a coffee table can make a real difference in a room. An item like a rug can be seen as an important part of the room that groups furniture together and provides a foundation to build upon. Whether you’re doing a large scale overhaul of your space, or just want to breathe some new life into a room, updating your interior living space doesn’t have to be a daunting task. However, if you do need a little extra help, the OKA Interior Design Service can help pull together a project on time and on budget, anywhere in the world. The first consultation is completely free - just bring along your ideas and photographs to see how they can help. For more style inspiration and interior design tips, view the full infographic.


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