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  • Lighten Up

    One question our interior designers are asked time and time again is: "How can I create more natural light in a room?" Having rooms which feel light and airy make the space appear big and clean, so it's no surprise that it's a feature we want to replicate throughout the entire house. In this blog, we'll discover some top tips for accentuating the natural light in a room.


    Make Your Windows A Feature

    Make your windows a feature. Whether your windows are big or small, clear glass or stained, be sure to make them a focal point in every room. Keep tall furniture, such as large cupboards and dressers, at arm's length away from the frame of the window so as not to overshadow the light. Our interior designers often attract attention to the window by placing an elaborate sideboard or console table underneath, with a decorative ornament on top. This draws the eye to the point of light in the room and immediately gives the whole space a sense of openness.


    Lorrach Sideboard


    Reflect Natural Light

    Another way to brighten a room is by reflecting the natural light already there. We have an enormous and eclectic collection of mirrors in every shape, size and style you can think of (as well as plenty that you can't). By hanging them centrally, on a wall where a window wouldn't look out of place, you can trick the mind into thinking for a moment that the mirror is, in fact, a window. This is only accentuated by the natural light they reflect.


    Airadee Mirror


    Fake It Till You Make It

    If you have a room with no windows at all, such as a bathroom or hallway, use a mirror to create the appearance of a window. Our Sash Wall Mirror is in the shape of a traditional sash window and sized large enough to be a feature mirror above a mantlepiece or in a hall, or as a solo feature on a wall. It can be used to deceive the eyes, creating false perspective at the end of a corridor or acting as an extra window in a dimly lit room.


    Sash Window Wall Mirror


    Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas on how to brighten up your space, simply by changing your interiors. For tips on lighting your rooms with a table lamp, take a look at our interview with lighting expert, Sally Storey.