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  • Make The Most Of Your Garden In Spring

    After being cooped up indoors all winter, the first thing we want to do when the skies clear and the weather warms, is get outdoors. The British are notorious for peeling off their clothes as soon as the temperatures hit double figures, so spring time gives us a national reason to celebrate. The easiest way to enjoy the weather is to get out into your garden. Whether it’s an expansive country plot filled with lavender and box hedges or a city balcony with a single pot of herbs, there’s plenty of ways to make the most of your outside space in spring.



    Keep Warm

    You won’t last long outside in the spring if you don’t put precautions in place for the ever-changing British weather (even the hardiest of us, trying to tan in 12 degrees, get cold eventually). Have plenty of throws and cushions to scatter around and drape your outdoor furniture with, which you can then wrap around yourself when the evening chill settles.



    Invest In Outdoor Furniture

    You’re much more likely to venture into the garden if you have a stunning set of furniture to relax on. Our extensive Garden Collection has something for every size of outside space. From clever compact balcony sets to tables that can seat all the neighbours you can count (and a few more that you can’t) our collection is definitely worth investigating.



    Attract Nature

    There’s nothing that signifies the start of spring like the ever-increasing volume of bird song. You simply can’t replicate it. Place plants and seeds in a bird-feeder near to where you’ll be sat or close to a window so you can watch from indoors as birds of every feather fly in. If you’re a true nature-lover, our menagerie of decorative animals bring the natural world indoors, giving any space a dose of character.



    Plan A Garden Picnic

    When the sun makes an appearance, spontaneously invite friends and family over for a garden (or balcony) picnic. It’s not the size of your balcony that’s important, it’s what you put on it: make the space appealing with floor cushions, faux flowers and, of course, picnic food. Our melamine tableware looks just like the real thing but is very durable and is extremely easy to wash. The vibrant colours it comes in makes it even more appealing.

    To bring nature inside, no matter what the weather looks like, take a look at our guide to using faux flowers in spring interiors.