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  • Match Your Home To Your Personality

    Never be fooled into following trends when it comes to your home. It’s easy to thumb through glossy pages of home magazines or scroll the nano-second updates of interior-focused Instagram accounts, only to be swayed into picking out pieces which actually don’t suit your lifestyle at all. (Of course, no one ever realises this until the returns policy is out of date). At OKA, we have always believed in timelessness over trends. Your home is much harder to overhaul than your wardrobe once seasonal styles have come and gone. It’s paramount that you create spaces you adore (and will carry on adoring long into the future), regardless of whether leather tassels or marine blue are the accent of the moment.

    Deciding on the design of your interiors depends very much on one thing: you. And strangely enough, that can be harder to decipher than you’d think. You may adore cream-coloured suede sofas, but your early morning coffee routine on said sofa, half-asleep, with an over-brimming cup of caffeine, may scupper those plans. Matching your home to yourself can be a tricky task and that’s where we come in to help.


    Home Interiors For The Social Butterfly

    Make your home the centre of attention (to take the heat off of you for a little while) with vibrant colours and bold prints. Homes that are best used for socialising need to be, above all else, inviting. Layers of texture, which you can create using throws, cushions and rugs, make spaces feel comfortable and tactile, whilst bright colours and intricate patterns give a sense of depth and character. Stick with one colour scheme or style of pattern to ensure spaces feel balanced and if you entertain often, darker colours will hide spillages far better whilst pieces you can wipe down or put in the washing machine will make life easier.



    Try our Trivandum Rug which features a hand-printed triangular design in a striking shade of red. The bold geometric print is bound to liven up neutral schemes – perfect for a party.


    Home Interiors For The Occasional Hermit

    Do you love nothing more than treating yourself to a day at home with your phone turned off? Whether you spend your time delving into a good book or in the kitchen trying new recipes, it’s important to enjoy the occasional bit of me-time where you can focus on the things that matter to you. Your home is your sanctuary so use a gentle colour palette when decorating such as sublime greys and lime whites. These tones make spaces feel relaxing whilst storage essentials will keep everything tidy, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger at those times when you simply want a duvet day.



    If you often fancy spending a day indoors, enjoying your own company, why not bring nature to you with this set of botanical prints, based on 19th century scientific illustrations. You won’t even need to leave the house to get them framed, since they come mounted and glazed in a smooth black frame.


    Home Interiors For Outdoor Adventurers

    You want your home to look beautiful when you come back to it, but truth be told, you’re barely there. Whether it’s running off to try a new gym class or jetting off on your next adventure abroad, you live a high-energy lifestyle and your home needs to reflect that. Making a few small changes will keep your home looking fabulous with minimal effort: since you’re never home long enough to appreciate fresh flowers before they wilt, faux flowers are an absolute must. A console table by the front door is also vital for storing essentials; next time you’re running out to your next appointment they’ll be waiting for you.



    You’re always on-the-go so it’s important to get the best night’s sleep. Our Huguenot Duvet Cover is made from linen which is highly breathable with a deliciously soft finish. The embroidered detail and scalloped overlap make sure you sleep in style, but perhaps best of all, it's wonderfully easy to look after and requires no ironing, which you never have time for anyway!


    Home Interiors For A Homemaker

    Whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve been in the same house for years, it doesn’t take you long to make home feel like home. You have a knack for picking inviting colour schemes and adding finishing touches that strike the perfect balance between sparse and cluttered. Keep plenty of serving accessories to hand so that when your guests drop by, you are well-prepared. Ottomans and footstools are the perfect addition to your home as you have people popping in and out all day long and these double up well as both surface spaces and extra seating.



    You’re adept at creating spaces that feel welcoming, so you’ll know the important role scents play in making a home. If you'd rather not worry about keeping an eye on candles or oil burners, then our room fragrance diffusers are perfect. From warm and sensuous scents to delicate florals in lavender, rose and jasmine, there’s a scent that will suit every room.

    In fact, there’s not a home that wouldn’t benefit from beautifully-scented rooms, so take a look at our Home Fragrance Buying Guide to find the perfect one for you.