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  • Modern Heirlooms

    If you didn’t inherit vast quantities of treasure and you still feel disappointed that your Great Uncle Alexander gave that antique milk jug to your cousin Laura, then we have good news for you. We probably can’t get cousin Laura to separate with her beloved jug but what we can do is show you our stunning collection of modern antiques. Pieces that look like they could have been found in one of your great, great, great Grandfather Albert’s castles but were in fact made really quite recently.



    Arion The Racing Horse


    A prancing metal horse with an aged 'bronze' finish on a solid faux crystal acrylic base. According to Greek mythology, Arion was an immortal and very speedy stallion. We think our version of Arion the Racing Horse would make a wonderful decorative feature for a mantelpiece or console table - it could also be used as a rather fancy paperweight on a desk.


    Centurion and senator bust bookends


    Turn your library into an art gallery with these Roman bust bookends. One depicts a centurion wearing a helmet and the other a senator wearing a toga.


    Pengyou Ceramic Pot


    This exquisite, hand-made porcelain pot is very different from our other oriental-inspired ceramics. Decorated with a colourful design, painted by skilled craftspeople, depicting a traditional Chinese folk scene. We're very proud of our Chinese porcelain range - each piece is unique and looks exactly like a real antique. Use this pot on its own as a feature or use for storing keys and other small objects.


    Brutus Bust Statue


    Inspired by classical Roman sculptures, this large bust – cast in resin, with the appearance of antique bronze – wouldn’t look out of place in a grand art gallery. It's actually very lightweight so is best suited to indoor use and can be moved around with ease.


    Horse Head Bookends


    These bookends have been cast in resin then painted grey to resemble a matching pair of ancient stone horse heads, mounted on contrasting black-coloured stands. They would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves books or all things equine.


    Zhanshi Helmet On A Stand


    A decorative, heavily-distressed Chinese style helmet made from polyresin on black stand. The medieval, antique nature of this piece, with its dusty quality, makes it ideal for a modern hallway or sitting room. It has quite a presence and is ideal if you don't have the space to display a full suit of armour!


    These pieces are perfect if you want to add a dash of tradition, a sprinkling of fun and a whole menagerie of character. And what’s more, you won’t be at risk of moths, fleas or Tutankhamun’s curse.