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  • OKA Goes To Windsor For The Royal Wedding

    The country has been in a fever-pitch state of excitement ever since the engagement of our Royal Prince Harry to the American actress, Meghan Markle, was announced. There have been salacious scandals, innumerate candid photographs (some not-so candid as it turns out) and declarations of love, live on television, for the world to see. Every tabloid has dissected and discussed these events in epic proportions. However, the frenzy of the media has been nothing compared to the scenes in Windsor leading up to the celebration, where the ceremony is due to take place in the eponymous castle on Saturday 19th. OKA takes a look to find that the wedding celebrations have very much started.



    Union Jacks were in abundance, with bunting hung from every tree, window and home. There was a Jaguar painted with the flag, parked outside the entrance to Windsor castle; a gentleman adorned in a Union Jack-plastered suit, stood for photographs outside the gate (and swiftly asked to move along by an over-zealous guard); even the dogs joined in with little Union Jack bandanas and jackets. It was a spectacle to behold as the pomp and ceremony contrasted with quirky fun (Meghan and Harry life-size cut outs and corgi masks littered the town’s streets).



    It seemed every high-street institution had competed for maximum celebratory effort, from bus’s flicking signs between their destinations and “Congratulations Harry and Meghan” to a pub which had indulged in a name revamp, now “The Prince Harry”. People were in equally high spirits with many setting up camp along the rails, hoping to get the best view of the newlyweds, despite the fact that the wedding was two more (chilly) nights away. Happy campers had come from as far as Australia, Canada and America, with the Americans particularly exuberant about the impending wedding of their fellow countrywoman. The Hampshire Royalists had pitched a spot directly outside the gates, where Meghan, Harry, William, Kate and even the Queen had been spotted driving past earlier in the day ready for rehearsals.



    With the spectacle in this usually laid-back town reaching dizzying heights days before, the wedding itself is bound to be a memorable occasion, brimming with excitement and jubilation. It is occasions such as these, when history and tradition collide with modern life and standards, that one feels truly proud to be part of such a vibrant and long-lived culture. OKA has joined the celebrations with a spectacular store window-dressing worthy of the royal wedding itself. Drop by our outstanding flagship store in Chelsea to see it for yourself and be a part of this historic day. If you’re planning a wedding of your own, don’t forget to use the modern wedding gift list, Prezola, where you can choose from hundreds of stores, including OKA.