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  • Our Favourite Presents For New Mothers

    To celebrate the recent birth of our newest Royal baby, Prince Louis Arthur Charles, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite presents for new mothers (because why should the baby get all the gifts?).


    Faux Fur Throw

    With lots of sleepless nights looming, it’s important to keep cosy. Our faux fur throws are incredibly soft and machine washable – the latter being an absolute must when there’s a new bambino in town.


    LED Candle

    We adore our realistic (and baby-proof) LED candles that create oodles of atmosphere whilst eliminating any worry. Just switch them on for an instant wind-down.


    Home Fragrance Diffuser

    Pick from our varied diffuser collection that is filled with delectable scents. From rose to citrus and Morrocan to Alpine, they will help create relaxing rooms which don’t smell of talcum powder or – well – nappies.


    Faux Shagreen Serving Tray

    A sumptuous faux shagreen serving tray, which is perfect for carrying anything from bottles of milk, to bottles of wine, to breakfast in bed. All of which a new mother should absolutely insist upon.


    Bone Curved Photo Frame

    There’ll be photographs galore with the arrival of a new baby, but it can be tricky to find beautiful photo frames that don't overshadow the pictures. Our ivory-coloured Bone Curved Photo Frame will give their new favourite photos a refined touch.


    Rattan Tissue Box Cover

    Babies create an abundance of joy, harmony, love and also, unfortunately, mess. If one has to fill every room with a box of tissues, be sure to do it stylishly with our hand-woven rattan tissue box covers.


    Faux Flowers

    Give a present that will last a lifetime. Our stunning and realistic faux flowers are a wonderful alternative to the real thing. Not only do they last much longer, but who has time to attend to a real bunch when there’s a very demanding little human in the house?


    Cocktail Glasses

    We have a feeling that any new mother will be infinitely grateful for this divine set of four cocktail glasses. Not only does the elegant design make them an immediate home bar essential, after a few 3 am wake-ups they’re bound to be a new mother essential too.