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  • Outdoor Dining Tables That Also Work Indoors

    If you fancy updating your outdoor furniture and want a set sure to last longer than a season, why not invest in an outdoor dining table that will also work indoors? Decades ago, this notion would have been a no-go: fast forward several years and you’ll find that outdoor furniture is just as aesthetically pleasing as pieces designed to be used indoors. If you need some advice on how to achieve the ‘outside inside’ look, are looking for interesting dining table ideas or are after some new dining table décor – you’re in the right place. Grab a drink, take a seat and enjoy our selection of outdoor dining tables that also work indoors.


    Conisbrough Collection


    What Kind Of Outdoor Furniture Also Works Well Indoors?

    If you’re shopping for a dining table that you plan on using inside and outside, choose a design that’s smart enough for indoor use with the added benefit of being weatherproof. Our solid stone Callanish Dining Table has a natural finish that will blend in nicely with existing indoor pieces and its sculptural design makes it quite the show-stopper. Likewise, our Conisbrough Dining Table is crafted from solid wood then sealed with resin. So if you’re looking for a new indoor dining table, why not invest in one of these outdoor designs instead that can offer the best of both worlds?


    If you fancy something lighter and a bit more contemporary, our Biarritz range - made from a non-rusting aluminium – is good for more modern homes and features both round and square-shaped dining tables. This collection is minimal, easy to style and fairly compact, and light enough to be moved from indoor to outdoor and back again. If you’re struggling to choose between our different designs, our guide to dining table shapes will help you find a table that fits in with the rest of your scheme.


    Callanish Dining Table


    Outdoor Dining Table Ideas For Your Patio or Terrace

    When weighing up terrace or patio design ideas, you want to select pieces that will maximise your outside space. We recommend selecting an outdoor set crafted from All-Weather ‘Rattan’, like our Levanzo Modular Dining Set. Our All-Weather ‘Rattan’ pieces feature a lightweight metal frame woven with synthetic resin fibres, which gives them the appearance of real wicker with the added bonus of being much stronger and weatherproof. Natural-coloured materials such as wood, rattan and teak make an excellent blank canvas and will blend in with both indoor and outdoor spaces. Speaking of blank canvases… why stop at natural-coloured furniture? Read our post on incorporating more natural elements into your décor.


    Bridgehampton Outdoor Collection

    Round Acanthus Dining Table


    Add Decor To Your Dining Table To Make It Work Indoors

    Our Sandsend, Conisbrough and Acanthus dining tables look wonderful outdoors and equally sublime in a formal dining room or a laid back conservatory. Smarten these versatile designs with patterned tablecloths, stylish glassware and vases filled with faux flowers. When it’s time to play host, extend your dining room table décor to a few candles and fun objects that could double up as place settings. Make these swarthy staples feel more at home in an indoor setting with some elegant velvet, linen or leather upholstered chairs.


    Conisbrough Dining Table

    Carisbrooke Folding Chair


    Outdoor Dining Chairs That Work Indoors Too

    Most of our ‘outdoor’ chairs also look great indoors. Simply make them more indoor-appropriate with a brightly coloured cushion or two (and one of our super sumptuous faux fur throws) and you’re good to go. If you admire minimal, industrial-inspired interiors, have a peek at our Greenwich chairs. It’s always useful to keep a couple of folding chairs for use both inside and outside: when extra guests visit they can be snuck in at the end of a dining table, or placed in a sunny spot outdoors, then folded away again when it’s time to bid everyone farewell.


    Luccombe Outdoor Armless Chair

    Greenwich Outdoor Collection


    Hopefully, we’ve formed a strong case for using outdoor furniture indoors. The next time you decide to update your dining room or think about dining table décor ideas, it’s worth considering whether you would actually get more use out of an outdoor dining table. Every spring we release a new range of outdoor furniture; have a look at our complete collection, we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.