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  • Refresh Your Floors This Spring

    It’s almost that time of year when we say goodbye to winter rugs and hello to lighter ones designed for spring. Swapping your existing rug for something completely different to acknowledge the change in season can have a bigger impact on your interiors than you might expect. There are many ways you can refresh your home with a new rug: by introducing pattern or colour, by going neutral and minimal or by playing with texture. Read on to find out which rug is best for your spring scheme, but make sure you look at our tips on how to keep your designer rugs in good condition, before sending them off to hibernate.


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    How to get the boho look

    Whether you plan to add just a touch of boho or transform your whole house into a bohemian paradise, a boho style rug will always naturally take centre stage. The boho look is about playing with patterns and colour, and whether you choose to turn it up or tone it down is entirely up to you. For a loud and quirky boho look, pick a bold patterned rug as your centrepiece, then confidently experiment with accessories in contrasting colours and patterns that deliberately clash with your rug. If you’re after a subtler boho style, choose a rug with a simpler pattern in more muted colours, paired with complementary coloured accessories. With its elegant tribal design and soft colours, our Sumba Rug will add character to a calmer bohemian-inspired scheme.




    Why you should go modern this spring

    Spring is all about making your home lighter and brighter - a mantra echoed by modern interiors. In that spirit, consider stripping back your interiors, starting at the bottom, i.e. your floors. Eschew thick, dark coloured rugs in favour of lightweight, neutral ones, or ones with a simple geometric pattern, such as striped rugs. Not only will a lighter rug create the illusion of a larger space, it will also bring a modern, minimalist feel to a room. Made from cotton with a subtle faded pattern, the Anatolia Rug is the perfect addition for a smart, contemporary look.



    Feeling rustic? How to say it with rugs

    Nature and spring go hand-in-hand, so a rug made from organic materials is an ideal match for a rustic, country-inspired look. One of our sheepskin rugs spread across a wooden floor in a sitting room or bedroom will give depth and warmth to stripped-back interiors, but will also stay cool in summer. Made from individual hides sewn together by hand, in beautiful ivory dappled tones, this thick and incredibly soft rug will add unrefined texture to a rustic scheme. In fact, any hand-made rug will further enhance the homespun, artisan feel of your interiors - one of our dhurrie rugs, crafted by hand using a Punja or Panja weave, could be the answer.




    How to maintain and clean your rug

    First, consider the material of your rug before cleaning it. Thick woollen rugs attract dust and grit quite rapidly so they require frequent vacuuming and airing outside. If your rug is reversible, turning it over occasionally will ensure it stays cleaner for longer. Give rugs that spend a lot of time in front of an open fire and in direct sunlight a little TLC – rotate them regularly and block sunlight with curtains to protect from scorch marks and fading. Don’t be afraid to get creative when looking after your rug – who said rugs are just for floors? Transform your floor piece into an attractive tapestry to hang on the wall, a solution which keeps it away from heat and sunlight. Your rugs deserve the utmost care so avoid walking on them with your shoes on – keep the outside, outside. With a little care and attention, your rug will stay looking as good as new for years to come.



    Where should you store your winter rug?

    Once your rug is clean and dry, you might be wondering where and how to store it. Even the thickest woollen rug can easily be rolled up and packed away in a loft or cupboard. Once you’ve rolled it up (with the underside facing outwards), tie thin rope or strong ribbon around the rug at the top, middle and bottom, making sure each one is secure but loose enough so as not to mark or dent the rug. For extra protection, the rug should also be wrapped in polythene (with a few moth balls popped inside) and stored in a dry place.



    Whilst it’s tempting to remove all your heavy furnishings when the warmer weather arrives, a rug is one piece that should stay in place all year round. A simple switch from thick, heavy and dark coloured rugs to something lightweight and brighter is enough to refresh your interiors for the season ahead. Browse through our versatile collection of designer rugs for sale to find your ideal rug for spring, whatever your style.


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