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  • Spotlight On Wool

    Natural, hard-wearing, biodegradable, breathable and versatile - the benefits of using wool are endless. Since the Stone Age, both ancient and modern man have harnessed the amazing properties of wool to adapt to their surroundings; wool has the unique ability to keep warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Wool fibres have high elasticity and a natural protective waxy coating, so they’re also resistant to wear and tear, stains and dust, making wool the perfect choice of material when it comes to upholstery or textiles used in the home. And with almost one thousand million sheep in the world at present, this renewable material is in abundant supply.

    To celebrate wool week in the UK, we take a look at a few of our favourite woollen pieces in our collection.



    Winter was made for cosy nights by the fire with a hot drink (or something stronger), wrapped up in a woollen blanket. Different wool types (either from different animals or breeds of sheep) and different weaving techniques offer varying degrees of thickness and softness. Our Jura Throw is woven from 50% Merino wool – one of the finest and softest wool types - and 50% Alpaca wool, which is naturally silky and warmer than sheep’s wool. The Canna Throw is made from 100% Australian wool, a country renowned for its high quality, strong wool.



    Wool is renowned for being highly absorbent, which means it can take and hold dyes, resulting in a deep, rich colour. Our tufted wool cushions have been vegetable dyed and treated with a herbal wash before being left to dry in the sun to create this beautiful, antiqued finish. Tufted wool is much more resilient than woven wool and can withstand regular use and heavy footfall, which is why use this technique for making our floor cushions and many of our rugs, too.



    Furniture upholstered in wool not only looks very inviting and comfortable, but also takes advantage of the exceptional characteristics of wool; wrinkle resistant, hard-wearing and moisture resistant, opting for wool upholstery means your favourite armchair will still look as good as new, even after years of use.



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