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  • Summer Cocktails

    By Debbie Watson

    When the sun is shining and the sky is blue, there’s nothing nicer than a delicious cocktail (or two). We’ve paired our favourite summer events with the perfect summer drinks – which one would be your signature tipple?



    Gin & Dubonnet (with a twist of lemon)

    A favourite of the late Queen Mother, this refreshing tipple is usually served one-part gin to two-parts Dubonnet with a slice of fresh lemon over ice. Dubonnet is a blend of herbs, spices, fortified wine and quinine, and originated in the 19th century as a way of protecting the French Legionnaires in North Africa from malaria (due to its high quinine content).

    Method: Fill a short glass (such as our Short Twisted Glass Tumbler) with ice cubes, then pour over one-part gin and two-parts Dubonnet. Add a slice of lemon to garnish then mix well.




    Old Fashioned

    There could only be one drink for the Royal Highland Show: an Old Fashioned. Take Scotland’s finest whisky, muddle sugar with Angostura bitters, add a twist of lemon or orange rind, then serve ‘on the rocks’ in a short glass. Even if the sun isn’t shining, this will definitely keep you warm.

    Method: Place a sugar cube in a short, bulbous glass (like one of our Clonmel Tumblers). Cover with two dashes of Angostura bitters and a dash of water. Take a muddling stick and muddle together until the sugar has completely dissolved. Add lots of ice cubes then pour over whisky or bourbon and finish with a citrus peel twist.




    Pimm’s & Lemonade

    Since the first Pimm’s bar opened at Wimbledon in 1971, this summer cocktail and the tennis tournament have become a British summertime institution. The traditional recipe calls for cucumber, mint, orange and, of course, the essence of summer – strawberries.

    Method: Find a large jug (our Bubble Jug is the ideal size) and fill it half full of ice cubes. Mix together one-part Pimm’s with three-parts lemonade (clear or cloudy). Add a handful of mint leaves, thinly sliced cucumber, plus slices of oranges and strawberries. Stir and leave for a while so the fruit can infuse the cocktail, then pour into large glass tumblers, making sure everyone gets an equal share of fruit.





    A blend of white peach purée and Prosecco, a Bellini is the perfect cocktail to sip whilst cheering on the rowers on the Thames. Invented in the late 1930s or early 1940s in Venice by Giuseppe Cipriani (founder of the famous Harry’s Bar), it was named after a painting of a saint by the Renaissance artist Giovanni Bellini, whereby a toga that featured happened to be the same pink shade as the Bellini cocktail. Served in a champagne flute, the only bad thing about this fruity favourite is that it goes down far too quickly!

    Method: Take a chilled champagne glass, pour in one-part peach purée then top with 2 parts Prosecco or dry sparkling wine. The peach puree can be substituted with other fruit purées such as strawberry or raspberry, but we think the original is the best.


    Even if the weather is less than summery this weekend, pop into one of our shops* on Saturday and join us for a refreshing glass of Pimm’s.

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