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  • Summer Dining: Three Ways

    By Debbie Watson

    What is it about dining al fresco that makes food taste even better? Is it the fresh air, the warm weather or the fact that everyone is just generally in good spirits during the summer months? Either way, we’re all for utilising your outdoor space to its full entertaining potential whilst the sun is shining, whether your back garden happens to be a small patch of grass, an urban-style terrace or an entire beach.


    Go back to basics with an English picnic in the garden. Spread out a colourful throw on the grass (make sure you have a waterproof layer underneath), add some comfortable cushions and transform the terra firma into a temporary table. Rattan is an absolute must-have for a country picnic: our Napkin Basket will house a generous amount of paper napkins whilst our Deep Rattan Tray will provide a stable surface for resting drinks on. Even the most impromptu picnic can become a proper dining experience when you introduce real glasses, cutlery and plates into the mix.

    Barbecue At The Beach



    Sun, sea and sand calls for a summer favourite: the barbecue. We always go over the top when it comes to barbecues, so that undoubtedly means food galore, lots of guests and an abundance of tableware. Create a relaxed atmosphere by allowing everyone to help themselves when they wish by serving food on large platters, iced water in glass decanters and chilled cocktails (or mocktails) in our capacious Bubble Jugs.

    Barbecue At The Beach



    Following an afternoon siesta, experience a taste of the Mediterranean on your terrace. Hot and cold tapas presented in cheerful crockery - such as our perfectly sized Pasha plates and bowls - are a fiesta for all the senses. No Mediterranean meal would be complete without a glass of wine, which, we think, tastes even better from a brightly coloured glass. And the pièce de résistance? A postprandial coffee in one of our Florya Mugs just after sunset.

    Tapas On The Terrace