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  • Summer Inspirations

    By Debbie Watson

    Where would you like to spend the summer? How about endless lazy days in the sun in a house on the Californian coast, having barbecues on the beach every day or balmy summer evenings sipping cocktails in a glamourous New York apartment? Or perhaps you’d like to stay right here in the UK and enjoy the wonderful English countryside, notwithstanding hay fever, wasps and possible summer showers. Take a closer look at our three (very different) inspirational homes for the summer – which one is your favourite?



    Beach houses don’t always have to conform to the traditional: this Californian ocean-side home has no place for stripes, nautical motifs or a blue and white colour scheme. The contemporary design lends itself to a more nonchalant approach; the open plan layout is centred around a modern fireplace with each room flowing into the next and the minimal decor takes advantage of the floor-to-ceiling windows, letting nature fill in any colour. We’ve used turquoise and pink sparingly across cushions and flowers, whereas larger pieces such as tables, consoles and desks have been chosen in glass so they blend into the seascape background. 

    California Dreaming




    Our upscale city apartment is fabulous for entertaining in the summer. It might not have a garden but it has ample space indoors and a spectacular view overlooking the Big Apple, so its location is ideal for hosting dinner parties (the dining room features a large, extendable table and comfortable dining chairs) or pre-dinner drinks. We’ve taken advantage of the large windows, choosing lots of mirrored pieces such as consoles, dressing tables and side tables to help natural light flood the space.




    Whilst we love the English countryside, the thought of staying in a tent makes us think we’ve got an uncomfortable, cold and sleepless night ahead. Glamping, however, sounds very appealing and this grandiose yurt overflowing with home comforts has definitely changed our minds about sleeping in the great outdoors. Decorated with clashing prints, flowers galore and upholstered furniture (yes, real beds!), a yurt ensures optimum use of your outdoor space even when the weather isn’t very summery.


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