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  • Summer Is Here

    This summer, we travel from coast to city to country showcasing our brand new collection of cushions, lamps and flowers along the way. Embrace laid-back living in a beach house in sunny California, host summer soirées in an upscale Manhattan apartment, then sleep underneath the stars in a yurt set deep in the heart of the English countryside, all without leaving your home. Come and join us as we show how to transform your home for summer, whatever the weather.





    As doors and windows are often wide open during summer, it’s important to create a sense of unity between your interiors and the world outside, be it beach, country or city. Don’t compete with the architecture of your home or its location; instead, embrace these elements and highlight them in your interiors. Pieces in glass, such as tables, desks and lamps are chameleon-like in their ability to blend into their surroundings, allowing for a seamless link between inside and out.




    There’s something about the summer that makes us feel a little braver when it comes to introducing colour to our homes. Zesty hues of turquoise, lime and pink are firm summer favourites, and you can’t put a design-foot wrong with the classic combination of blue and white. Still unsure? Pick a colour you already have in your home but go one shade brighter for summer so it’s not too much of a shock. Cushions, flowers and perhaps orange lampshades are also a great way of introducing a new colour without too much commitment or expense.




    The British summer is often fleeting, so it’s wise to pay attention to the inside of your home as well as out. A few carefully chosen accessories should make enough of an impact, so swap plain cushions on a sofa for patterned ones, freshen up your dining table with a different set of napkins and update your faux flower arrangement with seasonal stems. If you’re fortunate enough to have even the tiniest patch of outdoor space, a set of outdoor furniture is a great investment, but don’t forget to accessorise outside as well with hurricane lamps, decorative pieces and, of course, cushions.


    How do you change your home for summer? We’d love to know...

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