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  • Bringing Christmas Home

    Suzanne Imre


    Suzanne Imre, former editor of Livingetc for over 20 years, shares her tips on getting ready for Christmas.

    Over 17 years Suzanne created the iconic brand which set the style agenda for modern homes in the UK and abroad. Suzanne has always worked in magazines, starting out on Cosmopolitan after university and working in London and Sydney on both fashion and interiors titles. One day she is going to finish doing up her own home!

    The best table settings are those styled with an unexpected twist. Give simple china, like the Mithymna tableware range (from £44), a festive edge with a deep purple faux peony head decorating the soup bowls, or try a faux hydrangea head in Faded Green (from £21) for a softer colour scheme.


    Mithymna tableware range


    Give height to a compact Christmas tree by standing it on the candy striped Rander Ceramic Stool (£150) or why not securely pack your tree base inside a plant container like the Jadis Bell Krater (£145) in ‘Verdigris’ for a more stylish take on the usual tree stands.


    Christmas tree


    Weave Faux English Ivy Garland (£40) casually along a mantelpiece and dot with church pillar candles for a quick, stylish fireside display. A strategically placed mirror will reflect the candle light to give an added festive feel.


    Faux English Ivy Garland


    Three Easy Style Ideas

    1. Use faux carpet moss as a table runner and speckle with twinkling tea lights and fir cones for a pretty, rustic effect.


    2. Wind foliage (try faux eucalyptus or ivy) around the hand rail of your staircase for a bold hall feature. Keep it elegantly natural or weave in baubles, battery-operated fairy lights or faux berries for colour.


    3. If you have a chandelier-style pendant over the dining table, liberally embellish it with colourful ribbons and baubles, or weave ivy through the arms, for added Christmas drama.