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  • The 12 Days Of Christmas

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    Is it really the festive season without at least a few renditions of “The 12 Days of Christmas”? We were inspired to pay homage to the song’s unique gifts with a list of our own. Whether you’ve lots of special people to buy for or like us, you simply love the quirkier things in life, there’s a whole host of wonderful items that are fit for the 12 Days of Christmas. Our gifts are much more cost-effective too; the Christmas Price Index currently estimates that the grand gestures of the song would amount to the equivalent of £26,535.


    A Partridge in a Pear Tree

    Although it remains up for debate when the infamous song originated, we do know that many years ago popular belief held that a partridge was the most romantic gift a lover could give. A live bird doesn’t quite translate into modern day passion for us, but we do have a beautiful hand-made Pair of Partridges that would make charming stocking fillers.


    Two Turtle Doves

    Turtle doves are traditionally associated with love and faithfulness, making them symbolic additions to your Christmas decor. Made from goose feathers, our set of four Turtle Dove Decorations is not only pretty but practical too; each dove has a loop for hanging from a tree branch and a removable clip which allows it to perch too.


    Two Turtle Doves


    Three French Hens

    We’ve seen the traditional three French hens and we raise you: Four Proud Cockerels. This set of prints features four different cockerel designs mounted and glazed in square wooden frames. Full of classic country cottage appeal, they’re the ideal way to ensure your home is at the top of the pecking order.


    3 French Hens


    Four Calling Birds

    The “calling birds” of the fourth gift have had many a transformation across the centuries; the original song detailed “colly birds” which translates to “blackbirds”. Whilst male blackbirds are coloured as their name suggests, females and their young actually tend to have brown feathers—just like these striking Pluma Framed Prints.

    4 Calling Birds

    Five Golden Rings

    Here at OKA, we love gold. Summer, winter, all year round really, but the festive season is certainly a wonderful excuse to bring more of it into your home. Our Oromo Lamp features much more than five golden rings; its base is constructed from multiple circles which scale down towards the top to create an artistic, glamorous look.


    Five Golden Rings


    Six Geese a Laying

    If only geese lay eggs as beautiful as this Golden Egg Salt & Pepper Set. The set features two halves of an egg – one matt, one polished brass – with little matching spoons. Very opulent, but also very practical, they’d make a welcome gift for those who love to host.


    6 Geese a Laying


    Seven Swans a Swimming

    For the royal bird, something befitting royalty was needed. The Ballygannon Mirror fits the bill perfectly; with its grand silhouette and antique gold finish it would look right at home bedecking the halls of a palace.


    Seven swans a swimming


    Eight Maids a Milking

    It’s not just about what you cook, it’s how you serve it; the little things that make a table yours. This Cow Creamer is just the kind of thing that brings character to meal times, making it the perfect present for culinary gods, goddesses and maids alike.

    Eight Maids a Milking


    Nine Ladies Dancing

    Our Lady of Billing has been waiting for what feels like a century to rock around the Christmas tree. With appearances to keep up, it’s really the only time of the year that she can dress up in her favourite angel outfit and let her fur down.


    Nine ladies dancing


    Ten Lords a Leaping

    If we had to name something that would make a lord leap with joy, it would be this excellent Saddle Leather Mini Bar. Portable, and complete with all the bar accessories you could need, it brings a traditional touch to gin o’clock.


    Ten Lords a leaping


    11 Pipers Piping

    Next up we have piped cushions. Whilst not strictly in keeping with the theme of this verse, ours are so luxurious that you won’t be able to hold it against us. Not just for Christmas, the Plain Velvet Cushion Cover comes in a variety of rich jewel tones that add warmth and vibrancy to your home all year round—it would be easy to stock up on 11 of these beauties.


    11 Pipers Piping


    12 Drummers Drumming

    If 12 drummers drumming sounds a little chaotic in addition to all the inevitable Christmas cheer, then we have a fabulous alternative: our Faux Shagreen Drum Table. It’s available in a neutral shade of taupe that adds a calming touch to any space—just the antidote to the frenzied festivities.


    12 Drummers Drumming